Dec 16, 2009

Momma's got a brand new bag of Ho Ho Hoes

Mumma Said she's got a brand new bag of Ho Ho Hoes for ya all at her xxx mas bonanza. This Sat 19th Dec behind the Red Door.

Mr Glass & Robin Knight are joined with Ian Spicer for the Christmas party.... hold on, wait a minute, we have a late entrant.... special extra guest Del Larkin is dropping by for spin on the back of the national Skunkhour tour. There's also been talk of Miss Annie joining us.
To wet your appetite, here's a funk mix I did tonight. It starts off on the funky xmas tip and then keeps up the same deeper side of early 70's funk. The latter half is more on the breaks edge but heavily borrowed from the same sound. It gets a little random towards the end as I was digging around for something to wrap with, I settled on a modern Afro Jam.
I hope it gets you in the xmas spirit and primes you to join us on Saturday.

Track List
1 Getting down for Xmas - Milly & Silly
2 Soul Freedom - Ray & His Court
3 Im So Thankful (Lucky 13 Radio Spot) - Eugene Blacknell
4 Im So Thankful - Eugene Blacknell
5 That thing is green - Bob Smith & The Boo Koos
6 Party time - Masters
7 Fucking up - Jimmy Lynch
8 Funky in the hole - The Blowflys
9 That's the night - Night Creatures
10 Funky washing machine - World Wonders
11 Mister Boogie - Brother Soul
12 Funky Nassau - Ray Munnings
13 Lagos City - Asiko
14 Rituals of life - Katzuma
15 Quieres bailar - All Good Funk Alliance
16 Squeeze me - Kraak & Smaak ft Ben Westbeech
17 Expresso maduerira - Banda Black Rio
18 A funk for Fela (Afro Jam) - Minimoogli

Nov 11, 2009

THRILLER Session Versions Leaked

So the session versions of Thriller have leaked onto the net. All 320kbps versions. Some tunes such as "Baby Be Mine" are sounding more dope than the finished versions.
And be sure to peep "Star Light" which was Thriller in it's original form..

Mike's song writer Rod Temperton wrote the title track as well as “Rock With You,” and three years later the prolific songwriter wrote the spooky aural horror film that was “Thriller.” Though the song was originally called “Starlight,” Jones insisted on a new title.

“I went back to the hotel, wrote two or three hundred titles and came up with ‘Midnight Man,’” Temperton once said. “The next morning I woke up and I just said this word. Something in my head just said, ‘This is the title’. You could visualize it at the top of the Billboard charts. You could see the merchandising for this one word, how it jumped off the page as ‘Thriller.’”


1. Michael Jackson - 01 - NITE LINE (4:47)
2. Michael Jackson - 02 - CAROUSEL (4:09)
3. Michael Jackson - 03 - HOT STREET (3:56)
4. Michael Jackson - 04 - GIRL IS MINE SOLO DEMO (3:16)
5. Michael Jackson - 05 - STARLIGHT DEMO (5:09)
6. Michael Jackson - 06 - BABY BE MINE DEMO (4:15)
7. Michael Jackson - 07 - BILLIE JEAN DEMO (5:51)
8. Michael Jackson - 08 - STARTIN SOMETHIN DEMO (5:29)
9. Michael Jackson - 09 - P.Y.T. INSTRUMENTAL (3:50)
10. Michael Jackson - 10 - TROUBLE DEMO (3:46)
11. Michael Jackson - 11 - SLAPSTICK (2:42)
12. Michael Jackson - 12 - NITE LINE WRITERS (5:22)
13. Michael Jackson - 13 - CAROUSEL WRITERS (3:46)
14. Michael Jackson - 14 -TROUBLE WRITERS (3:09)
15. Michael Jackson - 15 - HUMAN NATURE WRITERS (3:54)

Oct 22, 2009

FUNKinc Returns "The Originator"

We know you is gunna dig this!
After an 18 month absence, we are finally making a return to the dance floor... but wait, there's more.... (drum roll) The originator Paul Carroll is coming all the way from London to join us. Paul Carroll is the original Funkinc dj who started this rare groove experience with Mr Glass over seventeen years ago.
Paul will join current Funkinc djs & promoters, Miss Annie and Robin Knight along side party favorites Simon Caldwell & Frenzie.
We have long wanted to host a soul funk jam at Melt, and now they have a 5am licence we cant resist. Melt is the only venue in the cross that is dedicated to the preservation of Soul, Jazz, Disco and Funk, be it old or new.

Robin Knight is going to put a mix up any minute now.....


Oct 18, 2009


Stop the press... Mr Glass is sharing the decks with Mr Thing from the UK this Friday. Check out his latest compilation offering on BBE. If that aint enough, Katalyst is also joining us fresh out of the studio after producing the super soul-fi Space Invadas project with Steve Spacek.
We've included Mr Things, The Portable Anorak mix below for your downloading pleasure. There's a mountainous plethora of dynamite funk breaks & left field soul. All cut, sliced & diced by the hands of Thing.

Check dis shit out:

Sep 25, 2009

For Your Coffee On Sunday Morning

Here's a little something for you on Sunday Morning, with a little luck you won't be feeling too bad or to hungover to listen, it's a few things I like to turn up loud on the the old stereo and then open up the windows to piss the neighbours off... good way to start Sunday Morning I'd say..

I'm So Happy Now - Willie Wright

Maybe So, Maybe No - Mayer Hawthorne and The County

Tramp - Slick

V.I.P. Connection - West Coast Drive

Baby, You Really Got Me Going- Brothers By Choice

Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Esther Phillips

Nowhere - Friends of Distinction

Safari - Frank Walton

Somebody's Watching You - Wayne Davis

Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong) - Tower Of Power

Sex O'Clock USA - Baby Com

Love Light In Flight - Stevie Wonder

Flying High - The Commodores

That's All - Shirley Scott


Sep 16, 2009

A cheeky little half hour mix that I've put out recently.. seven-tease eight-tease and a couple of naugties as well. See you this Saturday night for the next Mama Said @ The Red Door.

Sep 14, 2009


Here's an ever so sweet mix of early 80's electric soul & boogie from Sageone. There's not much more I can say to sell this mix other than Iv had a burn of this on high rotation in my van for the past few weeks and I think it will stay on rotation for a while to come. Keep an eye out for Sage's name appearing on a SoulShaker/Momma said invite sometime soon....

Track list is:

Tailor Made - Fast Lane (Tailor Made Records)
Cloud One - Patty Duke (Sounds of New York)
Azymuth - Dear Limmertz (Milestone)
Alphonse Mouzon - Nothing But A Party (MPS)
Demo Barry - City Funk (Scorpio)
Tom Browne - Byegones (Arista)
Eramus Hall - Checkin You, Checkin Yourself Out (Capitol)
Kleeer - Tonight (Atlantic)
Zach Fabulous & The Twenty Grand Band - Love Story
Alfreda James & Billy Ray - Back to Love (Rappers Rapp Disco Co)
Van Twist - Hot Wax (Magic)
Facade - The Groove (Techno Hop)
Glenda Mcleod - No Stranger to Love (HGEI)
Mona Rae - Do Me (RFC)
Candy Bowman - I Wanna Feel Your Love (RCA Victor)
Azymuth - Candomble (Milestone)
Juicy - Forever and Ever (Private Records)
Goodie - Ready or Not (Total Experience)
Whispers - Keep on Lovin Me (Solar)
Junko Ohashi - Dancin (Phillips)
Galaxy - Dancin Tight (Ensign)
Tony Lamar - Truly Magic (Bonita)
Sunfire - Step In The Light (Warner)
Major Harris - All My Life (Pop Art)
Vin Zee - Funky Bebop (Emergency)
Jessie Rogers - One Monkey Dont Stop No Show (Pyramid)
Con Funk Shun - Lovin Fever (Mercury)
James Taylor - Nite People (GSP)
Pat & Pats - Tobago (Pineapple)
Jewel - Jewels Groove (Erect)
Checker Kabb - By My Side (PPU)
Glass Pyramid - Better By The Minute (Glass Pyramid)
Rhyze - Do Your Dance (SAM)
Ingram - I Like It (Other End Records)
The General - Life In The Big City (Vee Kay)
Circle City Band - Party Lights (Circle City)
Visual - The Music Got Me (Prelude)
Tony Cook & The Party People - On The Floor Rock It (Half Moon)
Al Mcall - Hard Times (Westend)
Don Blackman - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (Arista)
James Taylor - Tonite (GSP)
Wavelength - Funk Dreams (Glydezone)

Aug 27, 2009

Momma's Back with another Cargo full of Soul

That's right y'all, Momma's back for a night of seductive treats & beasty soul. Nuff said, the flyer says it all...

As a bonus to this post, Iv also given you Another Cargo full of Soul. This is also the set I played live on Toon's Eastside Radio Show, The Vinyl Frontier on Wednesday night just past.
When putting a set together I like to give myself restrictions for the task at hand. Because I personally dug the last mix, I wanted to pull another Modern Soul mix out of the same bag. There were a few big tracks on some of the albums (yeah PC, my love is your love) that I didnt want to spunk on the first Cargo mix. You gotta leave a lil juice for your second shot.

Tracks are a combo of 7's, 12's & album cuts from plundered from Paul Carroll's personal collection & Des at DT Records
1. Jose Feliciano - Golden Lady
2. Isley Brothers - My love is your love
3. Margie Evans - Good thing queen pt 1
4. Kal ft Mr Tee - Whistle for you
5. William Eaton - Friends & lovers
6. Paulette Reaves - Its on me
7. Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle
8. David Ruffin - Love can be hazardous to your health
9. Archie Bell - Anytime is right
10. Rudy Love & the Love family - Disco queen
11. Love Committee - Just as long as I got you. (check out the recent Buster Rhymes sample)

Download my spunk here:

Aug 26, 2009

Paradise Lost: Midnight Sun

Last night I had a vision.
We were in this beautiful warehouse.
It was filled with people, dancing and smiling UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN.
There was a guy in a lobster suit and a bear wearing a fez and lots of fruit. And the music... I've never heard music like that before. I asked who was playing and a voice said "Mikey Miutante, Brut33, DJ Silvio, James Bucknell, Harry Sounds and James Weirick".

Someone passed me a flyer, it read:

Paradise Lost
Aug 29
Under the Midnight Sun
$10 Warehouse Party

Aug 18, 2009

Cargo full of Soul

Here's a sample of my UK & French plunder from the recent travels. Big shout out to Paul Carroll for allowing me to rape, pillage & liberate his collection of its doubles and to Des for allowing me to embark on soul mining expedition of his 70K plus vinyl collection. I also unexpectedly stumbled upon a few gems on my Paris trip.

Iv given you a predominantly Modern Soul mix, with a touch of Sweet Soul and some boarder line disco tracks on the end. All tracks are album cuts. I also landed a rather substantial booty haul of 12" & 7" as well. I'll be sure to lay some of that love on you in the coming weeks.

Here's the Cargo thus far....
1. Bruce Cloud: Walk in my shoes
2. Isley Brothers: Little Miss Sweetness
3. The Voices of East Harlem: Cashing in
4. Peabo Bryson: Let the music play
5. David Ruffin: It takes all kinds of people to make the world
6. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 1
7. Grey & Hanks: Gotta put something in
8. LTD: Don'tcha know
9. Eddie Floyd: Feel my body
10. Wardell Piper: Don't turn away from me baby
11. Love Committee: Pass the buck
12. Gibson Brothers: Heaven
13. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 2

Soul Clap!

SOUL CLAP: This Friday 21st Aug @ MELT. 8pm til 3am

This is the evening chapter of the Ali O Show fundraiser. Sydney's finest DJs dust off the soulful platters to raise a glass and a few bucks for Ali O's family.
The 20 dollar entry fee goes straight to Ali's partner Amy and their daughters.
Come and dig deep for the family of Ali Omar, a man who dug deep with his music and soulful contribution to Sydney's creative landscape.
I'll be dropping a shit load of fresh soul vinyl gold from my London cargo. (see above post and download ya good self a sample of what Iv got for you...

Tom Thump - San Francisco: I Gotta.... live mix

AFROBEAT-BATACUDA-SPACEFUNK n MORE: Recorded live club gig on 9th July 09. Imagine rocking into a Sydney club and hearing an eclectic mix like this.... With a little luck and perspiration from Tom, he may make it over here during summer for some club gigs. Keep your eyes on the blog for up dates.
Check the blend of styles, that's what a San Fran dance floor is about. Taking you on an all stops funky cable car ride, from Afrobeat, batacuda and nu jazz breaks through to funk, disco dub & boogie. Not every genre may please your ears, but trust me, ride this baby out cos there's some gold to be heard!

And it went ah somethin' like this....

1-Orchestre Jazira "Love"
2-Buari "Advice From Father"
3-Community Service 3 "I Gotta" (Sonny Okosun?)
4-Liquid Liquid "Optimo" (Optimo Mix)
5-Pimps of Joytime "Street Sound" (Nickodemus Remix)
6-Kokoloko Afrobeat Orchestra "Mister Sinister" (Faze Action Dub)
7-Fela ransome Kuti "United states of africa" (Me and You Rework)"Askum"
8-Ethiopian Quartet (Diesler Rework)
9-Mr. Scruff "Donkey Ride"
10-Gerardo Frisina "Batucadas 2"
11-MDA with Lillian Viera "Batucada Tropical" (Graham Massey Mix)
12-Par-Tay Edits 1 "Berro E Sabaro"
13-Walter J. Negro and the Loose Jointz "Shoot the Pump"
14-Donald Byrd "Love has Come Around" (DJ Reedit)
15-Diana Brown and Bariie K. Sharpe "Love or Nothing" (Piano Mix)
16-Beverly Road Allstars "I'm Still in Love with You"
17-Butch Cassidy Sound System "Bear in the Den"

Download here:

Aug 6, 2009

Stuff & More Stuff

Here’s a little bag full of tunes from a wide range of genres, they’re all on high rotation on the car’s ipod right now, thought I’d share them with you, hope you like...

Twat - John Cooper Clarke

Ray Charles - Booty Butt

Honey Dope - Lee Fields and the Expressions

It's Really You (Re Done) - Karen Carpenter

Quiet Dog - Mos Def

Brothers On the Slide

I'll Be Good - Rene & Angela


Sneak Attack (Idjut Boys Mix) - Un-Touchable Organic Audio

Kalimba Tree (Todd Terje Edit) - Earth, Wind & Fire

Fate - Chaka Khan

Love You Inside Out - guess who?

Sun Shadow edit - Mark E

Download or Listen Here

Jul 15, 2009

Mr Glass last Sydney tram, oops I mean jam.

Im off to UK & Europe for a month. This will me my last gig til' my return, come join me and Robin for White Revolver Bondi Jam this Sunday. It'll be good bye winter blues and hello European music festivals.

Jul 14, 2009


Old buddy Bert & and his colourful gay crew of misfit weirdo mates (all with hands firmly wedged up their jaxies) crashed my place wanting a disco party last night. I was down with that and obliged old buddy Bert by helping him bang out some serious disco blockbuster action. It was short and sweet but enough to move your feet.

Here's what Bert dug out of my disco 12's & albums.

Intro: The National Association Of "W" Lovers
1. Blackwell - Boogie Down & Mess Around
2. Constellation Love Affair - Funk Encounter
3. Eastbound Express - Cloudburst
4. Ruby Lipps - (In The) Summertime.
5. Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra - Love Has Come Around.
6. Symba - Body Bait.
7. Davis Import - D.J.Devilish.

Jul 3, 2009



The Jacksons - Do What You Wanna (Epic)
The Jackson 5 - Can You Remember (Tamala Motown)
Jackson 5 - Ain't No Sunshine [SSY Remix] (Polydor)
The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds - Ben (Buddah)
Miles Davis - Human Nature (Backstage)
Michael Jackson - People Make The World Go Round (Tamala Motown)
The Jackson 5 - We're Almost There [DJ Spinna Remix] (Soul Source)
The Jacksons - Keep On Dancing (Philadelphia International)
The Jacksons - This Place Hotel (Epic)
The Jackson 5 - Chained (Tamala Motown)
Graham Parker - I Want You Back (Arista)
Jackson 5 - I want You Back [Z Trip remix] (Motown)
Jackson 5 - Good Thing Goin' [DJ Bobo James Remix] (Soul Source)
Michael Jackson - Doggin' Around (Motown)
Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Tamala Motown)
Michael Jackson - Make Tonight All Mine (Motown)
Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here (Motown)
The Jackson 5 - Nobody (Tamala Motown)
Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream [Ed Smith Remix] (Velvet)
Michael Jackson - Can't Let Her Get Away (Epic)
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Epic)
Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me (Epic)
Michael Jackson - Superfly Sister (Epic)
Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder - Just Good Friends (Epic)
Speak Low - Thriller (Marulasoulfood)
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Epic)
The Jacksons - Style Of Life (Philadelphia International)
Michael Jackson - Cheater [Demo] (Epic)
The Jacksons - Lovely One (Epic)
The Jacksons - Shake Your Body [12inch version] (Epic)
The Jacksons - Music's Takin' Over (Epic)
The Jacksons - Jump For Joy (Epic)
Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (Epic)
Jackson 5 - The Life Of The Party (Motown)
Michael Jackson - Never Can Say Goodbye (Motown)

Jun 30, 2009

All sorts for yo funky sports

Here's an hours worth of funk all sorts from around the globe I mixed up this evening. UK, States, Italy, Africa, Bahamas, Brazil, Germany..... Some old, some new, some covers, some originals, some edits.... but all in the same funky vein. Plug it in and have yourself a mighty good groove around the globe without even leaving the house.

Download funky sports here:

Track listing
1. Take your soul - The Sahara All Stars of Jobs
2. Expresso Madureira - Banda Black Rio
3. Give the drummer some (Fort Knox 5 rmx) - Nickodemus
4. Squeeze me - Kraak & Smaak ft Ben Westbeech
5. Soul Power (Lack of Afro rmx) - Kokolo
6. Hey Fela (Diesler Ft Laura Vane rmx) - New Mastersounds
7. Rituals of life (boogie to this) - Katzuma
8. Brass 70 - Bebo Best
9. Gimme some skin - Frank Penn
10. African Hustle - Mombasa
11. If you're wrong (Lack of Afro rmx) - Diplomats of Solid Sound
12. Mystere Profound (Batufunk version) - Vertical Groove
13. Addicted funk (bass version edit) - Rocketmaster Rus B
14. Got to give it up - Most Requested Rhythm Band

Jun 28, 2009

Fight on: ALI OMAR 16/03/58 to 23/06/09

I chose "Fight on" instead of RIP, because just like the great Mohammed Ali was a fighter, so was Ali Bin Mohammed Omar. Not often with his fist but always with his voice, his heart and his actions. Ali fought the good fight for the underdog, for the independent merchants, the indigenous, the young and the old. He stuck it to the man and the empty leaders when they turned their backs on the small guy, the common man and the underprivileged. Although small in stature himself, he roared like the lions in Zion with his words and actions.

This mix is a collection of smoking beats and leftfield soul that remind me of Ali and his attitude to life. Its emotionally charged, so sit back, roll a fat one, pour a long one and enjoy. I hope you can feel a little of what Im saying in these tracks.

I can see the selecta now, still fighting the good fight. Ali's on stage, taking the mic off MJ, pushing both him & Farrah aside and sitting them in their places as he now prepares to shake down the universe's biggest stage in a rubbadub style.

Track listing
Intro: Ali Bombaye - Michael Masser & Mandrill (loop)
1. Same ol thing (ft Rich Medina) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science
2. I choose you - Nightmare on Wax
3. Sweet Music (ft Tony Moses) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science
4. SSS 002 - Super Smoky Soul
5. Sax & Violence - Phantom Slasher
6. The beat experience - Pepe Deluxe
7. Millers's Lattice - Harvey Lindo
8. Together (ft Jennifer Johns) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science*
9. Set your flag on fire - U -Tern edit
10. Acetate Prophets - Jurassic 5
11. Dusk you and me - Groove Armada
12. All that you give - Cinematic Orchestra*
13. Maggot Brain - Funkadelic*
Outro - Long road (loop)

*sorry for distortion on last couple of trax. Poor lil' Edirol dont like it if level's get hot.

Jun 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Well who would have thought MJ would be next on the list... what a shame.

I went through a few tracks before settling on this... it wasn't easy as you could imagine.. didn't want to do the absolute obvious stuff as I'm sure you've already reloaded you ipod for the weekend with Rock with and Billie Jean, but here's one you may not of thought of straight away...
one of my fav's anyway.

Jun 19, 2009

Keep em' close

Wet, Damp, Drizzle and any other adjective you care to think of for poxy weather.
Hope you're well anyway.... here are some top notch tunes to help you though these tough winter months... all 3 of em' hahaha... life is sooo tough living here.
right the tunes, here's the list;

intro - michael corleone
Time to Get Down- The O'Jays
Funky Express [Re-Edit] - Duncan Lamont
Bougainvillea - Karl Denson Feat. andy Bey
Soul Sauce - Timebox
It Ain't Like it Used to Be - Randolph Brown
Stoned Out Of My Mind - The Chi-Lites
Where Is The Love - The Whispers
unknown artist - love to fly
Just a Little Bit of You - Michael Jackson
Is This The Best (Bop Doo Wah) - L.A. Boppers
Touching In The Dark - Walter Jackson
Can't Get Enough Of You - Tyrone Edwards
Save Your Love for Me - Vivian Reed

download the mix here

Jun 2, 2009

Twenty Four Hour Lover

Ooh baby.... The Twenty four hour lover is keeping with my recent mix formats. All cuts are taken from 7" originals with the pace picking up with disco funk & boogie gems. No pilfered, stolen or acquired digital downloads here bro, and no cd or compilation prostitution. Its just two turntables and a one take mix of 45s, so its a little rusty in places cos' I had a few wines & cant be fucked starting again. None the less all the booty shakers are of the same vibe and a nice indication of the sound we're gunna to lay out for you this Sunday.

Dont freak out, I aint no purist chin stroker, any format is cool in my school. Its all about the music not the format. Buy, play, download it any way you can. I have thousands of digital files I'll manipulate into mixes and release on your ass someday soon.

Intro: 24 hour lover
1. Bloodstone - Nite time fun
2. Eugene Record - Fan the fire
3. Fatback - Take it any way you want it
4. Super Wolf - Anybody can do it
5. Slave - Just a touch
6. Cheri - Murphy's Law
Interlude: Naughty Stewardesses
7. Asphalt Jungle - Freakin Time pt 1
8. Avenue B Boogie Band - Bumper to Bumper
9. Denise La Salle - Move your body
10. Gloria Gaynor - Anybody want to party
11. Bombers - Lets Dance
12. LTD - Dance "n" Sing "n"
13. Joe Thomas - Make your move

Jun 1, 2009

Time for something important

Something important alright'. Sixty minutes of deep funky love from my funk 45 collection. There's a couple rockin horse droppings in here with a few more common tracks that sat well with the mood & tone. I did make an excursion off the strictly 45 pathway by unloading a 12 minute chugger from Richard "Dimples" Fields album, (it's finger lickin good) not the title track but rather "Dat Richfield Kat" named after his label. I wrapped the hour up with a kooky lil' Electric Company favourite from the reading freak "easy reader"

Intro: Oscar the grouch
1. Willy Wily - Push & Shove
2. Thomas East - Funky Music pt 1
3. Detroit Emeralds - You're getting a little too smart
4. The Gaturs - Cold Bear
5. The Voices of Harlem - Can you feel it
6. Hot - Just 'couse Im guilty
7. All Points Bulletin Band - Sexy ways - Pretty legs pt 1
8. BT Express - Happiness
Interlude: "J" Friends
9. The Sunshine Band - Hey J
10. Sounds of Alfred - Superfunk City pt 1
11. Willie Hobbs & the Dirte Four - Gloria
12. Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul Pt 1
13. Richard "Dimples" Fields - Dat Richfield Kat
14. Chakachas - Jungle Fever
15. Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation pt 2
16. Electric Company (Raposo/Laron) - Easy Reader

May 10, 2009

SoulShaker SexMachine

6pm til 9pm next Sunday, (hey frenzie, what happened to the time on the artwork?)The rest of the info is obvious so dont make me repeat the copy on the artwork..... I can add that it's free pub gig upstairs at the Beach Road and comes with beer, mmmm good, golden, glorious amber delights with funk, boogie & uptown beach side beats.

Here's a sample of Robin's plans

Apr 14, 2009

funk throwdown

I played a little gig on Sunday night at Tonic, and although it wasn't well attended I still had fun and manage to rip an hour & half of funk straight of the desk live. So plug in and get off to my funk throwdown, it starts off with some more familiar soul-funk tracks as it then moves into deep funk, a touch of disco funk and rounds off with some more obscure Israeli funk & Afro funk. To be quite honest, Im pretty happy with it for a live set.
I'll go back over the mix for another listen in the next day or two and write up the track listing. If by chance I've not done this by the time you are reading the blog post, drop me a comment or a question and I'll let you know what some of the more obscure or unknown tracks are here.

Mar 1, 2009

TONY ALLEN. The Godfather of Afro Beat

Nigerian bandleader Tony Allen is coming to town. Known best by many as the former drummer and music director of the late Fela Kuti's band, Africa 70 from 1968 until 1979 and Egypt 80 organization.Tony Allen is regarded as the co creator of the Afro-beat sound, pioneering the unique beat and vibe of music which combines polyrhythmic influences of Africa with the breakbeats and extended jams of the American funk and R&B which reached Nigeria in the late 60s and early 70s. Afrobeat music has since re-influenced western dance music in fusion genres like broken beat and future jazz, as in the music of Bugz in the Attic. Allen as well refused to remain stagnant, incorporating dub and avant-garde hip-hop influences into his modern African dance music.

Niche Productions Presents, for the first time in Australia…Tony Allen
Friday 13th March - The Forum, Sydney

Check out these boss downloads

Feb 3, 2009

Merenia Gillies

Merenia Gillies & full band supported by Eon Beats perform for the Catalyst Recordings label showcase at:

The Vanguard - Newtown,
Wednesday Feb 11th.
If you are new to Merenia Gillies, she is the multitalented, beat throwing musician, who sings in 5 languages and takes great joy in mischievously bending the rules when it comes to her music. Merenia will seduce you with the sounds of her own distinctive fusion of Dance, Soul/Funk, Electro, Latin and House.

Born in Rotorua New Zealand with a mixed heritage of Maori, Romany Gypsy and Welsh, she embraces and indulges in an eclectic array of musical influences and once on stage becomes a powerhouse performer with the most instinctive vocal talents of her generation.

Merenia Gillies is constantly in demand to collaborate on both studio and live performances. For a sample of her music, click the link below to listen & download KILLA

Jan 20, 2009

Jan 8, 2009


This is the sound of New Years Day in San Francisco with a Tom Thump mix ripped straight from the desk of Afrolicious @ the Elbo room . Afro-tropical-samba-funko-bossa-beats inspired and delivered to you from the rich tribal rhythmic continent..... maybe, just maybe witch doctor Thump will be on a tour of duty down our end of the South Pacific sometime in o nine.

mix is back up on DivShare (zshare sux)

Jan 5, 2009

SoulShaker djs support Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings @ the launch of Sydney Festival!

Yo, that's right my soulcats, SSDj's Mr Glass & Mr Knight have been bestowed with the honour and privilege of supporting Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings at the launch party for Sydney Festival. This Saturday 10th Jan 9:00pm at the Palm Stage. Its a F F F FREAKIN, FREE CONCERT. We'll be dropping all original funk n soul 45's to keep with flava of the feature act. We're not on for a long time but how long do you need on a stage like that? It'll be nice to know some of you are in the crowd. For more Sydney Festival First Night info/details click here

NOEL BOOGIE in the Disco mix

Noel Boogie - DJ par excellence, and amazing young Sydney based music producer. Noel recently toured Canada where he astounding audiences with his super-dextrous 4-deck set and creating dancefloor mayhem everywhere he went whilst dropping his own tracks in the mix. From Canada, Noel then went on a crate-digging expedition in NYC and Colombia and arrive home with a fresh booty of dusty grooves, some of
which he has dropped in this tasty lil disco boogie mix.

In all NB's sets you'll be treated to a fine selection of funk, disco, afro beat, soul, hip hop, breaks, dub, IDM and oddities, all precision mixed, sliced, diced and cut with the skills of a turntable surgeon. Noel’s latest party trick is a solo set on 4 turntables, where he splits tracks into parts for exlusive live remixing, using the other 2 decks for scratching and sound effects. Noel Boogie is also a member of Silent Partner - expect to hear much, much more from this incredible talent.
Get more of Noel here at or Catch him Sundays at Cream Tangerine's Sunday Best @ the Swiss Grand on Campbell Parade Bondi from 4pm til late.