Oct 31, 2007

Feeling Good

Beauty is only skin deep....

Ugly Edits.

The Dogs Do Da's

Mandrill - Feeling Good

Peddlin' My Music

You have to listen closely to this Re-edit but some where in the background is a rather familiar track.

Say No More...


Oct 29, 2007

Monday, 5 days till Saturday

I've got a feeling this is going to be a re-edit week, I've been on the hunt again, found some blinders and feel like sharing some of my good fortune. I'm hopping that my good friends will do the same...

Pete & Dave, you're going to have to get your finger out this week.

Marvin - Sex

Oct 25, 2007

Lost & Found

Here's a track originally dug up a couple years ago, it still hasn't quite reached the ears of the Modern Soul scene, (hopefully this post helps it reach a few more lug-holes) all the credit goes to Dave Mac from Soul Central in Melbourne for doing the digging.

First recorded by Millie Jackson.

Quality stuff from the land of the long white cloud, from way back in the 70's.

Mark Williams - House For Sale

Oct 22, 2007

I Hate Monday

Weekends over, work has begun.
I came in early to try a get a jump on the day, fat chance, got to the office, and hit the Monday-ituse wall.
Flicked through the itunes library to try and cheer myself up and came across this little piece of heaven.

Feeling shit? start your day with Marvin, works for me.

Tuesday tomorrow.

Marvin Gaye - I'm Gonna Give You Respect

Oct 19, 2007

It's A Favourite Round Here

For my money I reckon this is the best mash up, bootleg, re-edit call it what you will, that I've heard in ages, and I mean ages.

I played this at a gig a couple of weeks ago, and it went down a storm.

You be the judge, comments are welcome.

Barna Soundmachine - Gonna Get You

Friday Feeling

Here's one to get you in the mood for the weekend, lovely little track which came out on about 5 different labels in 1982, why I don't, maybe the management where try to get a better deal.

I like this label the best, nice clouds, bit of a hangover from the 70s.

Have yourself a cracking weekend.

Maxine Singleton - Don't You Love It

Oct 17, 2007

Nice Slice of Dance floor Soul Robin

Im coming straight back at ya with another slice of dance floor soul heaven. Carol Williams "No one can do it" (like you) I hope to be dropping this as a nice floor warmer or lay it out in the last hour at the coming Funkinc gig. I would have loved to have been shuffling across a NY dance floor when this was first rleased, but alas I was only 13 when this was released in 1982 and a freakin long way from any NY disco dance floor.

No One Can Do It (Like You) - Carol Williams

Oct 16, 2007

One Of My Floor Fillers At The Moment

This is a taste of what to expect at the Funkinc gig at Will & Tobys

Pure Class....

Wahoo - Don't Take It Personal

We're Gonna Have A Party

Hey it's that time again, party time.....

Come along and join in the fun with Pete, Annie, Simon & Me (Robin) at Will & Tobys on 3rd November.

Lots of top quality soulful funky disco stuff on offer, if the last gig down there is anything to go by we should be full up nice and early, so don't be late.... cause it ain't that big.

Oct 15, 2007

I Love Monday

Back from a cracking little weekend away with the family up in the wine country.
Monday ain't so baaad after a long weekend away, anyway, here's a bit of soulful 70s stuff to kick of your week.

Soul at it's best.

Touch Of Class - I Love You Pretty Baby

Oct 12, 2007

I've stumbled through my first post.....

`Well faark me, after an arduous training session with Robin it looks like I may have successfully posted my first track. It will be even more fun when the possibility of an audience greater than Robin, David and myself are logged onto the blog. For my first post, I couldn’t go past the seductive references by Betty Wright as to her begging to be my soul shaker on her steamy little Let Me Be Your Love Maker cut.

I think I’m gunna dig our blog, I hope you do to!

Betty Wright - Let Me Be Your Love Maker

Blooming Flowers

Off up the coast for a few days with the wife and kids, so won't get another chance to post until Monday.
Here's a little edit that will raise a few eyebrows, found this while on the hunt for 80s edits.

Pretty good version however I still think the original is the superior version.

Flowers - For Real

Oct 11, 2007

Greetings from the Soul Selection family

Soul music for the 21st century, nice work lads will post some new music for you all very soon!

One More For Good luck

After much confusion on the phone with Pete trying to remember all the passwords I'm back with one more post for today, for all the regular soulshakers they'll know this one and more than likely have stored somewhere for safe keeping, I just wanted to post something of substance before Pete comes back with a another WOOHOOOO, and a Perry Como track.......

Only joking mate, I'm sure whatever you decide as your first post it will be good... (pressures on now)

Nite Flyte - If You Want It



Kicking Off In Style

Well here goes.... here's a little track that's a bit of a favorite round here, not the easiest of tracks to find, there was another version of the track on Norman Jays Good Times by Damaris Carbaugh, we like this one cause it sounds just a touch more soulful.

Johnny Taylor - What About My Love

Hello World

Welcome to the SoulShaker DJs Blog, we're a bit new at this so bear with while we make a truck load of mistakes getting started.

View our profile if you want to know more about us, we'll be posting up some fine tunes for your listening pleasure, we would love to hear from like-minded music lovers (or anyody really).
We've nicked a few ideas from other blogs to get us moving, hopefully this doesn't offend all the other bloggers, apologies in-advanced.

Hope you like what we do.

Post 1 all done....