Nov 23, 2008


Big up's to James & niche for this gem! Forget about NYE & NYD, the hot date is Jan 4th for the DAYS LIKE THIS festival.

I could bang on here for days about the quality of this event, but all you need to do is click on the flyer or go to the link for the total lowdown. We SoulShaker's are well pleased to be don'n the decks for a soulubrious session.

Tickets are disappearing and I would guess this will sell out. let your fingers do some walking now and go to to get your tix before its too late.

I'll have a mix up in the coming week to go with this.... you be sure and com back ya all. In the mean time, download the new Mofo Money mix. Track listing is a little further down the page


Harbour Funk! Its a day of water bound funk festivities on board the Lady Rose. Here's the deal, and its a f#%king steal, for $55 bucks you get a day out on the harbour with none other than the SoulShakers Robin Knight, Mr Glass & Frenzie dropping a tug boat load of funk nuggets on you all day long. We'll be setting sail on our soulful voyage in search of paradise lost at 12:30pm from King st wharf and returning at 5pm. At

which time, we reclaim the land and storm the Civic for the continuation of our journey.

Shit, I should also mention that Cookin on 3 Burners are doing a live gig on the boat, big bad pirate Russ Dewbury will conjure up a storm of his own and the little Latino flavoured maestro from the Bamboos, Lanu will also be creating waves on the high seas. Add to the cabin crew, Huwston & the capt'n of this funk junk JC. Now that's an unsinkable tonnage!

Check out the MoFo Money Mix 2 for a sample of the of what I may stow away for the cruise.
Here's 16 straight up funk 45 nuggets I put together this arvo. All but one are original 7's, unfortunately the Nathan Bartell is on reissue as there is only 3 known copies in the world (apparently) Some are well known, others are rare as hens teeth, some are a little scratchy and others in mint. However, they are all fuckin crackers. I hope you enjoy the mix and please leave me comments below both good and bad are welcome. Btw, I have finally started using zShare. It's dead easy to download all the new posts!

Track list:
1. The Daley Diggers - I can dig it
2. Starborn - Real real thing
3. Calvin Arnold - Funk way
4. Otis Redding - Hard to handle
5. Ground Hog - Bumpin
6. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Funky music
7. Nathan Bartell - Top goin' down, goin' up
8. Free Fare - Birth of a soldier
9. Earth Wind & Fire - C'mon children
10. Eddie Harris - Funkaroma
11. Rick James The Stone City Band - Get up and dance (instrumental)
12. Ellison Chase - Let's Rock
13. The Philadelphia Story - People users
14. Avalanche 77 - Mister boogie man
15. Charles Mann- Shonuff no funny stuff love (instrumental)
16. Wardell Piper - Captain boogie