Nov 23, 2008


Big up's to James & niche for this gem! Forget about NYE & NYD, the hot date is Jan 4th for the DAYS LIKE THIS festival.

I could bang on here for days about the quality of this event, but all you need to do is click on the flyer or go to the link for the total lowdown. We SoulShaker's are well pleased to be don'n the decks for a soulubrious session.

Tickets are disappearing and I would guess this will sell out. let your fingers do some walking now and go to to get your tix before its too late.

I'll have a mix up in the coming week to go with this.... you be sure and com back ya all. In the mean time, download the new Mofo Money mix. Track listing is a little further down the page

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Z said...

I love you Glassy! thanks for the music. xxx