Jun 30, 2009

All sorts for yo funky sports

Here's an hours worth of funk all sorts from around the globe I mixed up this evening. UK, States, Italy, Africa, Bahamas, Brazil, Germany..... Some old, some new, some covers, some originals, some edits.... but all in the same funky vein. Plug it in and have yourself a mighty good groove around the globe without even leaving the house.

Download funky sports here:

Track listing
1. Take your soul - The Sahara All Stars of Jobs
2. Expresso Madureira - Banda Black Rio
3. Give the drummer some (Fort Knox 5 rmx) - Nickodemus
4. Squeeze me - Kraak & Smaak ft Ben Westbeech
5. Soul Power (Lack of Afro rmx) - Kokolo
6. Hey Fela (Diesler Ft Laura Vane rmx) - New Mastersounds
7. Rituals of life (boogie to this) - Katzuma
8. Brass 70 - Bebo Best
9. Gimme some skin - Frank Penn
10. African Hustle - Mombasa
11. If you're wrong (Lack of Afro rmx) - Diplomats of Solid Sound
12. Mystere Profound (Batufunk version) - Vertical Groove
13. Addicted funk (bass version edit) - Rocketmaster Rus B
14. Got to give it up - Most Requested Rhythm Band

Jun 28, 2009

Fight on: ALI OMAR 16/03/58 to 23/06/09

I chose "Fight on" instead of RIP, because just like the great Mohammed Ali was a fighter, so was Ali Bin Mohammed Omar. Not often with his fist but always with his voice, his heart and his actions. Ali fought the good fight for the underdog, for the independent merchants, the indigenous, the young and the old. He stuck it to the man and the empty leaders when they turned their backs on the small guy, the common man and the underprivileged. Although small in stature himself, he roared like the lions in Zion with his words and actions.

This mix is a collection of smoking beats and leftfield soul that remind me of Ali and his attitude to life. Its emotionally charged, so sit back, roll a fat one, pour a long one and enjoy. I hope you can feel a little of what Im saying in these tracks.

I can see the selecta now, still fighting the good fight. Ali's on stage, taking the mic off MJ, pushing both him & Farrah aside and sitting them in their places as he now prepares to shake down the universe's biggest stage in a rubbadub style.

Track listing
Intro: Ali Bombaye - Michael Masser & Mandrill (loop)
1. Same ol thing (ft Rich Medina) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science
2. I choose you - Nightmare on Wax
3. Sweet Music (ft Tony Moses) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science
4. SSS 002 - Super Smoky Soul
5. Sax & Violence - Phantom Slasher
6. The beat experience - Pepe Deluxe
7. Millers's Lattice - Harvey Lindo
8. Together (ft Jennifer Johns) - J Boogie Dubtronic Science*
9. Set your flag on fire - U -Tern edit
10. Acetate Prophets - Jurassic 5
11. Dusk you and me - Groove Armada
12. All that you give - Cinematic Orchestra*
13. Maggot Brain - Funkadelic*
Outro - Long road (loop)

*sorry for distortion on last couple of trax. Poor lil' Edirol dont like it if level's get hot.

Jun 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Well who would have thought MJ would be next on the list... what a shame.

I went through a few tracks before settling on this... it wasn't easy as you could imagine.. didn't want to do the absolute obvious stuff as I'm sure you've already reloaded you ipod for the weekend with Rock with and Billie Jean, but here's one you may not of thought of straight away...
one of my fav's anyway.

Jun 19, 2009

Keep em' close

Wet, Damp, Drizzle and any other adjective you care to think of for poxy weather.
Hope you're well anyway.... here are some top notch tunes to help you though these tough winter months... all 3 of em' hahaha... life is sooo tough living here.
right the tunes, here's the list;

intro - michael corleone
Time to Get Down- The O'Jays
Funky Express [Re-Edit] - Duncan Lamont
Bougainvillea - Karl Denson Feat. andy Bey
Soul Sauce - Timebox
It Ain't Like it Used to Be - Randolph Brown
Stoned Out Of My Mind - The Chi-Lites
Where Is The Love - The Whispers
unknown artist - love to fly
Just a Little Bit of You - Michael Jackson
Is This The Best (Bop Doo Wah) - L.A. Boppers
Touching In The Dark - Walter Jackson
Can't Get Enough Of You - Tyrone Edwards
Save Your Love for Me - Vivian Reed

download the mix here

Jun 2, 2009

Twenty Four Hour Lover

Ooh baby.... The Twenty four hour lover is keeping with my recent mix formats. All cuts are taken from 7" originals with the pace picking up with disco funk & boogie gems. No pilfered, stolen or acquired digital downloads here bro, and no cd or compilation prostitution. Its just two turntables and a one take mix of 45s, so its a little rusty in places cos' I had a few wines & cant be fucked starting again. None the less all the booty shakers are of the same vibe and a nice indication of the sound we're gunna to lay out for you this Sunday.

Dont freak out, I aint no purist chin stroker, any format is cool in my school. Its all about the music not the format. Buy, play, download it any way you can. I have thousands of digital files I'll manipulate into mixes and release on your ass someday soon.

Intro: 24 hour lover
1. Bloodstone - Nite time fun
2. Eugene Record - Fan the fire
3. Fatback - Take it any way you want it
4. Super Wolf - Anybody can do it
5. Slave - Just a touch
6. Cheri - Murphy's Law
Interlude: Naughty Stewardesses
7. Asphalt Jungle - Freakin Time pt 1
8. Avenue B Boogie Band - Bumper to Bumper
9. Denise La Salle - Move your body
10. Gloria Gaynor - Anybody want to party
11. Bombers - Lets Dance
12. LTD - Dance "n" Sing "n"
13. Joe Thomas - Make your move

Jun 1, 2009

Time for something important

Something important alright'. Sixty minutes of deep funky love from my funk 45 collection. There's a couple rockin horse droppings in here with a few more common tracks that sat well with the mood & tone. I did make an excursion off the strictly 45 pathway by unloading a 12 minute chugger from Richard "Dimples" Fields album, (it's finger lickin good) not the title track but rather "Dat Richfield Kat" named after his label. I wrapped the hour up with a kooky lil' Electric Company favourite from the reading freak "easy reader"

Intro: Oscar the grouch
1. Willy Wily - Push & Shove
2. Thomas East - Funky Music pt 1
3. Detroit Emeralds - You're getting a little too smart
4. The Gaturs - Cold Bear
5. The Voices of Harlem - Can you feel it
6. Hot - Just 'couse Im guilty
7. All Points Bulletin Band - Sexy ways - Pretty legs pt 1
8. BT Express - Happiness
Interlude: "J" Friends
9. The Sunshine Band - Hey J
10. Sounds of Alfred - Superfunk City pt 1
11. Willie Hobbs & the Dirte Four - Gloria
12. Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul Pt 1
13. Richard "Dimples" Fields - Dat Richfield Kat
14. Chakachas - Jungle Fever
15. Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation pt 2
16. Electric Company (Raposo/Laron) - Easy Reader