Jun 1, 2009

Time for something important

Something important alright'. Sixty minutes of deep funky love from my funk 45 collection. There's a couple rockin horse droppings in here with a few more common tracks that sat well with the mood & tone. I did make an excursion off the strictly 45 pathway by unloading a 12 minute chugger from Richard "Dimples" Fields album, (it's finger lickin good) not the title track but rather "Dat Richfield Kat" named after his label. I wrapped the hour up with a kooky lil' Electric Company favourite from the reading freak "easy reader"

Intro: Oscar the grouch
1. Willy Wily - Push & Shove
2. Thomas East - Funky Music pt 1
3. Detroit Emeralds - You're getting a little too smart
4. The Gaturs - Cold Bear
5. The Voices of Harlem - Can you feel it
6. Hot - Just 'couse Im guilty
7. All Points Bulletin Band - Sexy ways - Pretty legs pt 1
8. BT Express - Happiness
Interlude: "J" Friends
9. The Sunshine Band - Hey J
10. Sounds of Alfred - Superfunk City pt 1
11. Willie Hobbs & the Dirte Four - Gloria
12. Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul Pt 1
13. Richard "Dimples" Fields - Dat Richfield Kat
14. Chakachas - Jungle Fever
15. Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation pt 2
16. Electric Company (Raposo/Laron) - Easy Reader

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Risq said...

mighty fine selection mr glass!