Oct 18, 2010

Just For The Record

Just For The Record, this Friday at the Macquarie Hotel. All proceeds go to the Red Cross Pakistan Floor relief. Mis Annie, Myself and the stella line up of djs have donated their time, skills and good looks to the cause.
Early starter: 8pm
Lv 1 The Ravel Bar. 42 Wentworth av, crn Goulburn st Surry Hills

Its a strictly Vinyl affair. No cd's! No digital dj's! No fakin the funk!

Iv cut a Just For The Record sampler. All soul funk 45's from another Cargo Full of Soul I picked up on my latest London visit. More stories and mixes from the Cargo to follow....

The mix is relatively unmixed so you can savour the flavour of each nugget.


Track Listing
1. Get Down With It: Cashmere (1974 Babylon Records)
2. Who Cares: The Fantoms (1972 Power Funksion Records)
3. Hot Pants: Norma and the Heartaches (1969? Marmaduke Records)
4. Cracker Jack: Mickey and his Mice (1970 Marti Records)
5. Iron Leg: Mickey and the Soul Generation (1969 Maxwell Records)
6. Super Sweet Girl Of Mine: 5 Miles Out (1973 Hot Line Records)
7. Soul Stew Recipe: Walter Scott (1969 Pzazz Records)
8. Land Of Love: Moon People (1968 Speed Records)
9. Get Some: Wee Willie & The Winners (1973 Shotgun Records)
10. This Party Is Just For You: Special Touch (1981 Brackett Records)
11. Flakes Reprise: Flakes (1980 Magic Disc Records)
12. Double Action: Sarr Band (1978 Calendar Records)