Aug 27, 2009

Momma's Back with another Cargo full of Soul

That's right y'all, Momma's back for a night of seductive treats & beasty soul. Nuff said, the flyer says it all...

As a bonus to this post, Iv also given you Another Cargo full of Soul. This is also the set I played live on Toon's Eastside Radio Show, The Vinyl Frontier on Wednesday night just past.
When putting a set together I like to give myself restrictions for the task at hand. Because I personally dug the last mix, I wanted to pull another Modern Soul mix out of the same bag. There were a few big tracks on some of the albums (yeah PC, my love is your love) that I didnt want to spunk on the first Cargo mix. You gotta leave a lil juice for your second shot.

Tracks are a combo of 7's, 12's & album cuts from plundered from Paul Carroll's personal collection & Des at DT Records
1. Jose Feliciano - Golden Lady
2. Isley Brothers - My love is your love
3. Margie Evans - Good thing queen pt 1
4. Kal ft Mr Tee - Whistle for you
5. William Eaton - Friends & lovers
6. Paulette Reaves - Its on me
7. Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle
8. David Ruffin - Love can be hazardous to your health
9. Archie Bell - Anytime is right
10. Rudy Love & the Love family - Disco queen
11. Love Committee - Just as long as I got you. (check out the recent Buster Rhymes sample)

Download my spunk here:

Aug 26, 2009

Paradise Lost: Midnight Sun

Last night I had a vision.
We were in this beautiful warehouse.
It was filled with people, dancing and smiling UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN.
There was a guy in a lobster suit and a bear wearing a fez and lots of fruit. And the music... I've never heard music like that before. I asked who was playing and a voice said "Mikey Miutante, Brut33, DJ Silvio, James Bucknell, Harry Sounds and James Weirick".

Someone passed me a flyer, it read:

Paradise Lost
Aug 29
Under the Midnight Sun
$10 Warehouse Party

Aug 18, 2009

Cargo full of Soul

Here's a sample of my UK & French plunder from the recent travels. Big shout out to Paul Carroll for allowing me to rape, pillage & liberate his collection of its doubles and to Des for allowing me to embark on soul mining expedition of his 70K plus vinyl collection. I also unexpectedly stumbled upon a few gems on my Paris trip.

Iv given you a predominantly Modern Soul mix, with a touch of Sweet Soul and some boarder line disco tracks on the end. All tracks are album cuts. I also landed a rather substantial booty haul of 12" & 7" as well. I'll be sure to lay some of that love on you in the coming weeks.

Here's the Cargo thus far....
1. Bruce Cloud: Walk in my shoes
2. Isley Brothers: Little Miss Sweetness
3. The Voices of East Harlem: Cashing in
4. Peabo Bryson: Let the music play
5. David Ruffin: It takes all kinds of people to make the world
6. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 1
7. Grey & Hanks: Gotta put something in
8. LTD: Don'tcha know
9. Eddie Floyd: Feel my body
10. Wardell Piper: Don't turn away from me baby
11. Love Committee: Pass the buck
12. Gibson Brothers: Heaven
13. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 2

Soul Clap!

SOUL CLAP: This Friday 21st Aug @ MELT. 8pm til 3am

This is the evening chapter of the Ali O Show fundraiser. Sydney's finest DJs dust off the soulful platters to raise a glass and a few bucks for Ali O's family.
The 20 dollar entry fee goes straight to Ali's partner Amy and their daughters.
Come and dig deep for the family of Ali Omar, a man who dug deep with his music and soulful contribution to Sydney's creative landscape.
I'll be dropping a shit load of fresh soul vinyl gold from my London cargo. (see above post and download ya good self a sample of what Iv got for you...

Tom Thump - San Francisco: I Gotta.... live mix

AFROBEAT-BATACUDA-SPACEFUNK n MORE: Recorded live club gig on 9th July 09. Imagine rocking into a Sydney club and hearing an eclectic mix like this.... With a little luck and perspiration from Tom, he may make it over here during summer for some club gigs. Keep your eyes on the blog for up dates.
Check the blend of styles, that's what a San Fran dance floor is about. Taking you on an all stops funky cable car ride, from Afrobeat, batacuda and nu jazz breaks through to funk, disco dub & boogie. Not every genre may please your ears, but trust me, ride this baby out cos there's some gold to be heard!

And it went ah somethin' like this....

1-Orchestre Jazira "Love"
2-Buari "Advice From Father"
3-Community Service 3 "I Gotta" (Sonny Okosun?)
4-Liquid Liquid "Optimo" (Optimo Mix)
5-Pimps of Joytime "Street Sound" (Nickodemus Remix)
6-Kokoloko Afrobeat Orchestra "Mister Sinister" (Faze Action Dub)
7-Fela ransome Kuti "United states of africa" (Me and You Rework)"Askum"
8-Ethiopian Quartet (Diesler Rework)
9-Mr. Scruff "Donkey Ride"
10-Gerardo Frisina "Batucadas 2"
11-MDA with Lillian Viera "Batucada Tropical" (Graham Massey Mix)
12-Par-Tay Edits 1 "Berro E Sabaro"
13-Walter J. Negro and the Loose Jointz "Shoot the Pump"
14-Donald Byrd "Love has Come Around" (DJ Reedit)
15-Diana Brown and Bariie K. Sharpe "Love or Nothing" (Piano Mix)
16-Beverly Road Allstars "I'm Still in Love with You"
17-Butch Cassidy Sound System "Bear in the Den"

Download here:

Aug 6, 2009

Stuff & More Stuff

Here’s a little bag full of tunes from a wide range of genres, they’re all on high rotation on the car’s ipod right now, thought I’d share them with you, hope you like...

Twat - John Cooper Clarke

Ray Charles - Booty Butt

Honey Dope - Lee Fields and the Expressions

It's Really You (Re Done) - Karen Carpenter

Quiet Dog - Mos Def

Brothers On the Slide

I'll Be Good - Rene & Angela


Sneak Attack (Idjut Boys Mix) - Un-Touchable Organic Audio

Kalimba Tree (Todd Terje Edit) - Earth, Wind & Fire

Fate - Chaka Khan

Love You Inside Out - guess who?

Sun Shadow edit - Mark E

Download or Listen Here