Aug 27, 2009

Momma's Back with another Cargo full of Soul

That's right y'all, Momma's back for a night of seductive treats & beasty soul. Nuff said, the flyer says it all...

As a bonus to this post, Iv also given you Another Cargo full of Soul. This is also the set I played live on Toon's Eastside Radio Show, The Vinyl Frontier on Wednesday night just past.
When putting a set together I like to give myself restrictions for the task at hand. Because I personally dug the last mix, I wanted to pull another Modern Soul mix out of the same bag. There were a few big tracks on some of the albums (yeah PC, my love is your love) that I didnt want to spunk on the first Cargo mix. You gotta leave a lil juice for your second shot.

Tracks are a combo of 7's, 12's & album cuts from plundered from Paul Carroll's personal collection & Des at DT Records
1. Jose Feliciano - Golden Lady
2. Isley Brothers - My love is your love
3. Margie Evans - Good thing queen pt 1
4. Kal ft Mr Tee - Whistle for you
5. William Eaton - Friends & lovers
6. Paulette Reaves - Its on me
7. Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle
8. David Ruffin - Love can be hazardous to your health
9. Archie Bell - Anytime is right
10. Rudy Love & the Love family - Disco queen
11. Love Committee - Just as long as I got you. (check out the recent Buster Rhymes sample)

Download my spunk here:

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