Aug 18, 2009

Cargo full of Soul

Here's a sample of my UK & French plunder from the recent travels. Big shout out to Paul Carroll for allowing me to rape, pillage & liberate his collection of its doubles and to Des for allowing me to embark on soul mining expedition of his 70K plus vinyl collection. I also unexpectedly stumbled upon a few gems on my Paris trip.

Iv given you a predominantly Modern Soul mix, with a touch of Sweet Soul and some boarder line disco tracks on the end. All tracks are album cuts. I also landed a rather substantial booty haul of 12" & 7" as well. I'll be sure to lay some of that love on you in the coming weeks.

Here's the Cargo thus far....
1. Bruce Cloud: Walk in my shoes
2. Isley Brothers: Little Miss Sweetness
3. The Voices of East Harlem: Cashing in
4. Peabo Bryson: Let the music play
5. David Ruffin: It takes all kinds of people to make the world
6. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 1
7. Grey & Hanks: Gotta put something in
8. LTD: Don'tcha know
9. Eddie Floyd: Feel my body
10. Wardell Piper: Don't turn away from me baby
11. Love Committee: Pass the buck
12. Gibson Brothers: Heaven
13. The Joneses: Sugar Pie Guys. pt 2

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