Aug 27, 2008


Here's a sample of what Momma's got for ya at the Flinders for you on the 6th Sept. I've whacked together a little bit of everything here, in fact this lil 70 minute mix has 19 trax covering 42 years from 1966 to 2008. We have some Northern Soul, 70's funk, 80's boogie, 90's uk soul, trip hop, break beats, NYC poetry, deep disco, nu electro funk, and fresh soul funk edits. I knocked it up in a hurry on the one n twos, please excuse it being a bit chunky in places (one take and half of it was blind selecting towards the end) but I think I've managed to make a bunch of relatively varied trax stack up together to give an insight to the vibes Momma wants to share with you. I hope ya dig it and I look forward to some feed back.

Track listing:
Bread & Butter
I should have known better
Bug powder dust
The real me
Feeling free
Unknown white label 7" (thanks Regal)
Late in the evening
Where the rainbow ends
Give it up
Bobby Whitney
Boogie no more
3 soaps in one
Nobody but you
Save me
I want your love
For those who like to groove
The magic man
Your mama wants you back

Aug 11, 2008

My Momma said I should play these...

Busy sorting through tunes right now
Click on these to listen or download as MP3

Reason to be cheerful part 3

Puts you in the nude... oops I meant mood..

Aug 3, 2008



Momma said get on down to polished vintage sounds and rhythms re rubbed. Warning! this ain't for purists and it wont be pretty. A colour climax of 12" pleasures massaged into position with computer love, modern day digital downloads, tap beer, salty nuts and scratchy 45's.
Beat perverts Mr Glass, Robin Knight, Fresh Frenzie & Risque are doin it Pub Style at the FLINDERS HOTEL.

Here's a menage a trois taste of you may hear at Momma Said.

Listen to: