Jun 21, 2008

Winter Warmers Mix

If you look back through the archives you will find the Soulshaker Summer Mix unfortunately I didn't get round to doing an Autumn Mix so don't bother searching the blog, there ain't one...

Hopefully this should make up for it....
This is a journey back to my old mix tapes days, it contains a range of stlyes, one or two rare classic's and a couple that have been given a bit of re-edit treatment, there's also a new track from the modern disco maestro Dave Lee, AKA Joey Negro, & The Sunburst Band. This tracks taken the latter's new album Movers & Shakers A cracking album and well worth the dollars so get out a buy it...

Hope you Like?

Jun 17, 2008

Funk 45 MoFo Money Mix

Funk 45 MoFo Money Mix, that's 45 minute worth of funk 7". Remember those things in the picture, they're my turntables and seven's I just used and dj's used them way back in the day kids... The mix is a little rusty, I threw it together in one take tonight with 17 of my fav 45's and a couple of nasty shaftman samples. I recorded on our super cool Roland Edirol 24bit hand held recorder (this mix is straight of the SD card) This thing is so dope, you just drop it in your top pocket and plug straight out your mixer in any venue and hey presto! you have a mix down. Expect to see loads more up on the blog thanks to this lil gizmo.

Listen: MoFo Money Mix

1. The Relations - Funky Monkey pt 1
2. The People's Choice - Big Ladies Man
3. Barinno Brothers - Born on the Wild Side (instumental)
4. Thunder Lightning & Rain - Super Funky pt 1
5. Ray Jamel & Bob Johnson - Walking on the Moon
6. Mr SuperBad & the Mighty Super Power Band - Mr Superbad's Theme
7. The Kay Gees - Hustle Wit Every Muscle (Disco Version)
8. Flame - Rock n Soul
9. Natural High - The Whole World is Dancing
10. Ultra Funk - String Your Jaws pt 1
11. Yvonne Fair - Your Can't Judge a Book by its Cover
12. Willie Hutch - Use What You Got pt 1
13. Little Sister - You're the One pt 2
14. All Dyrections - Soul Makossa
15. High Voltage - Here Comes a Streaker
16. Law - Tootin'
17. Barrett Strong - Stand Up and Cheer for the Preacher (instrumental)

Jun 13, 2008

One for Rob

"Mikki" Farrow, Itching for Love. This be the Disco mix, I was going to put the 9 minute dub version from the B side (I prefer) but I thought I would hold out just a lil... This was co written & Produced with the late great Norman Harris. Mikki has a hand full of 12's floating about and seemed to do her fair share of writing and collaborating with heavy weights the like of Huff & Gamble but to name a few. You can also find her credited as a backing vocalist here, there and...
Check it out, its a sweet slow boogie jam that I think I might drop tonight at the Polo lounge. I'm there for 5 hours, sure I'll get time...

Listen: Itching for Love

Jun 12, 2008

Bottle - Whole Damm Thing....

Been after this for a while, not a lot of info on this one yet, I might have to come in a day or with some background on who they are and from where they come.... Bloodfire's their name and this fine re-work of the Gill Scott Heron Classic comes from Vol. Six of their release's under this name. I'm pretty sure they are also doing stuff under another name, bare with me, I'll be back with more detail - in the mean time enjoy this..

Jun 10, 2008

Nasty Masterpiece

Clarence Reid may be better known to you by his alternate persona & Stage name of Blowfly. Clarence was a songwriter for many hit soul acts in the 60's & 70's such as Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McGrae and KC & The Sunshine band. As Blowfly, he has recorded numerous albums, mostly porno-matic sex spoofs of other songs as well as original raps themed around sex. His stage name originated from his grandmother, who overheard him as a child singing "Do the Twist" as "Suck My Dick", and said "You is nastier than a blowfly."

Clarence recorded a few hits of his own in the 60's including "Nobody But You Babe" under his real name and a Blowfly song called "Rap Dirty" in 1965. Many hip hop historians consider "Rap Dirty" as the first rap song because he talks in rhyme and it has then slang term for talk "rap" in the title.

My personal favourite of Clarence Reid's is this track I've loaded up for you "Masterpiece." Kenny Dope has recently release this on his Kay Dee records as a 7" edit & dope beats edit, but here it is in its original form as it was recorded in 1973? Date not printed on label.

Listen: Masterpiece

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Jun 9, 2008

Remember me....?

Faaaark, almost forgot how to put a post up its been that long since my last. Many apologies for slackness, that four letter word called work has been interrupting the better parts of life. Shouldn't complain as it's mine & Robin's latest business venture and late night dj'n that takes up our time. Both of which are oh so dear to our hearts and way, way far too much of fun really, especially when you are playing a live PA set with Elisabeth Troy. Last night at the SHE party I had the immense pleasure of having the UK songstress (of soul/2 step/dnb/and most recently "house") sit in with me for a live mic set. She tore the roof of the Piano room! Does anyone have any pictures....
C'mon back real soon ya all, I'll have a couple of mixes up in the coming day or so.

Listen: Higher ground
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Elisabeth Troy myspace

Jun 2, 2008

The Cappuccino Kid Down-Under...

Here's a don't miss event, The Cappuccino Kid, Paul Weller playing at the Enmore.

Dates & Tickets
Buy Tunes here

A Headstart For Happiness

Nuff Said.

Jun 1, 2008

Winter Warmers #2

Oh no I'm in the mood now, 2 glass's of red just went down way to easy and we're moving on to number 3 as we type... spelling may get a little iratic, music should be the focus...

In the trade they call this "A Tune"

10 points if you know it???
Comments please!

Winter Warmers #1

Sunday afternoon at home, opened a nice bottle of red and enjoying a little music on the first day of winter, It's all about the black plastic.
Ah memories....
Here Ya Go, yep that's me... seems like a life time ago, I borrowed the photo from a face book group, not sure where it was taken, I'm guessing it was the first Vibes On a Summers Day, Seagull Room.
I promise, no more photo's of myself after this one ( Pete, can you stick a few photos up of me?)

This track would have been on the play list I think..

The Ronnie McNeir Experience - Come On Be With Me