Jun 17, 2008

Funk 45 MoFo Money Mix

Funk 45 MoFo Money Mix, that's 45 minute worth of funk 7". Remember those things in the picture, they're my turntables and seven's I just used and dj's used them way back in the day kids... The mix is a little rusty, I threw it together in one take tonight with 17 of my fav 45's and a couple of nasty shaftman samples. I recorded on our super cool Roland Edirol 24bit hand held recorder (this mix is straight of the SD card) This thing is so dope, you just drop it in your top pocket and plug straight out your mixer in any venue and hey presto! you have a mix down. Expect to see loads more up on the blog thanks to this lil gizmo.

Listen: MoFo Money Mix

1. The Relations - Funky Monkey pt 1
2. The People's Choice - Big Ladies Man
3. Barinno Brothers - Born on the Wild Side (instumental)
4. Thunder Lightning & Rain - Super Funky pt 1
5. Ray Jamel & Bob Johnson - Walking on the Moon
6. Mr SuperBad & the Mighty Super Power Band - Mr Superbad's Theme
7. The Kay Gees - Hustle Wit Every Muscle (Disco Version)
8. Flame - Rock n Soul
9. Natural High - The Whole World is Dancing
10. Ultra Funk - String Your Jaws pt 1
11. Yvonne Fair - Your Can't Judge a Book by its Cover
12. Willie Hutch - Use What You Got pt 1
13. Little Sister - You're the One pt 2
14. All Dyrections - Soul Makossa
15. High Voltage - Here Comes a Streaker
16. Law - Tootin'
17. Barrett Strong - Stand Up and Cheer for the Preacher (instrumental)


Anonymous said...

hey mate, don't you need to turn the volume on your channels up or is that a special mixer you have there?? ;)

Mr Glass said...

Magic mixer!

Mr Glass said...

Nice to see you stumbled across the blog again... what happened to your contributions??? How about a strangefellow mix?

TomTom said...

Yeah post a strangefellow mix...would love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

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