Dec 17, 2007

When Will It End?

After another long tiring week, of both good and bad gigs, fun and boring Xmas parties, along with excessive amounts of festive top shelf liquor I've finally got enough time and focus to hit up the blog once more..
Most people who know me well know how much I really dislike this time of year. It's not that I just found out the truth about Santa it's more so the massive amount of muppets who come out and get embarrassingly drunk and hassle us djs to play the most horrible music which they've heard hundreds of times before. Obviously it is part of the job to deal with but I'm getting too old for this I tell ya!! Here's an aptly titled track called "When Will It End" from 3 soul sisters who go by the name of Honey Cone. Nice serving of space funk with a good helping of soul. Enjoy

Dec 14, 2007

SoulShaker Summer Mix

After becoming a little bit of a Face Book convert over the past month or so I found this cracking group called "70's & 80's Soul, Funk, Disco, Rare Groove & Boogie - We Love it" it's a blinder, loads of cool stuff, photos, video's, tracks to download and mixes. Todays contribution is a mix I did for a post on the group it's a bit of stuff that already features here on the blog, I've put it all together into a mix.
Hope you feel the love....

Raw Soul Express - The Way We Live
Touch Of Class - I Love You Pretty Baby
Al Johnson - Second Wind
Keith Barrow - The Twinkle
Ronnie McNair - Saggitarian Affair
Leroy Hutson - The Ghetto
Jean Carne - Free Love
Caprice - 100 %
Sandra Feva - Just To Be Close
Sebastian Williams - Get Your Point Over
94 East Feat. Prince - If You See Me
Chapter 8 - How Can I Get Next To You
Patterson Twins - I Need Your Love
General Johnson - Don't Walk Away

Dec 9, 2007

Regal @ The Next Funkinc

Here's a little sample from Regal's recent album, Loop Dreams. After a long hiatus, while remixing some local Aussie acts & finding his new sound, REGAL has finally returned to the melting pot, with his debut solo album. Loop Dreams is a little gem from the one-time original founding member of both THE WISEGUYS (Wall Of Sound) & BRONX DOGS (Heavenly/Marble Bar) two of the UK's most revered underground acts of the 90's. This Album is a nice blend of Downbeat, Hip hop & Breaks with heavy soul & Funk influences.
The track I have chosen to give you a taste of is The Mack; a down right funky breaks track with sweet arse vox samples, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we all been waiting for.....
You can do three things from here. 1) Come see Regal playing Original Funk & Soul @ the next Funkinc Sat 22nd Dec. 2) Go to Basment Digs to buy & download his entire Album. 3) go to Regals Myspace to sample somemo' of his tasty treats.

Regal - The Mack

Ghetto Boy

This album was originally released in May 2005 and i was lucky enough to be given a new vinyl copy a few weeks ago by the boys at R & S in Melbourne (on clear vinyl no less). The first track I have chosen for the blog is from the remix album from Atlantic records "ATLANTIQUITY" its a remix of one of my favorite Donny Hathaway tracks "Little Ghetto Boy" first released by Donny on ATCO as a single in 1972 and here remixed by Freddie Luster specially for this album, it runs just over 5 mins 30 and should be played from start to finish, feel free to kick your slippers off move the coffee table out of the way and enjoy!

Little Ghetto Boy -- Donny Hathaway (Freddy L Remix)

Dec 8, 2007


Here's a driving little funk track titled "I Got It" from the New York Port Authority. The band haled from Amityville, Long Island New York, I guess that reveals the reason behind their name. They recorded on the HDH Invictus label. This was cut in 1977, hence the heavy laden disco keys laid over the stabbing funk horns and clav that is not indicative of too much of the HDH production. I am guessing that this was one of the last releases to come out of the creative stable.
Oh yeah, listen out for the moans of a somewhat satisfied lady...


Dec 7, 2007

Apologies & Welcome

Nice one Jeff, farking crackin to have you on board and we look forward to many nuggets from you!

I’m sorry about my recent absence to the blog. Between dj’n a whole stack of gigs with the party season, going to Melbourne, having a touch of bronchitis and my internet speed shitting itself... well you know where this is going. Back on track now and I will post you some bang on tunes, old and new that I’ve been givin a good seeing too on the decks lately. For now it’s just hello and goodbye until sometime over the weekend.

Big thanks to all who joined the dance floor last weekend and I am eagerly anticipating your return for the Yuletide Boogie on the 22nd

Dec 6, 2007

Just Be Thankful

First of all, a big thanks to Robin and Pete for not only letting me be involved here on the blog but also for constantly pushing the quality soulful sounds throughout this hometown of ours and of course, now in the land of blogs..
For my first post I'm bringing a nice soul/reggae crossover version of a tune originally written & performed by William DeVaughn and made extremely famous by Massive attack, who covered it on their incredible album "Blue Lines". This track has been featured on a few comps but one definitely worth picking up is "Soul Sides Vol. 2 - The Covers" from Dusty Groove. Check it..

Donovan Carless - Be Thankful For What You've Got

Yuletide Boogie

It's the Christmas edition, a couple of very special guest lined up for this one David (db, any chance of playing as I've got my records in the car) Brace is being flown in from Melbourne, plus Regal will be showing us what he picked up on his world tour visiting all those smelly second hand record stores. Miss Annie is also making a welcome return, gotta love that...
Oh and don't forget the Soulshakers, Mr Glass & Mr Knight

Here It Is..

As promised and big ups to Strangefellow, Patchworks at their finest.

Mr Day - Get Your Point Over

Buy It At Crazy Beat

7 Days Without Soul Makes One Weak

Love the eighties, can't get enough of that sound right now, seems we go through fazes in life well I've been in this one for quite a while now, don't want to move on till something better comes along, maybe one day eh!

Weeks & Co - If You're Looking For Fun

Bit Of Luther, Helps...

Wonderful weather in Sydney today, so is this global warming working or is it climate change, buggered if I know, the only thing I know for sure is that Luther makes the sun Shine.

Luther Vandross - Shine

Welcome aboard...

Soulshaker welcomes another contributer to the fold this week, Jeff (Strangefellow) Fellows is a welcome addition to the blog and I'm sure will be posting something very soon.
Check his profile & links to find out more about him.

Nov 30, 2007

It's A Sine

Patrick Adams at his best, lovely piece of disco to start the weekend of for you.
This will be the last post today, you might have guessed I ain't' working to hard this arvo.
Done a little work round the house this morning and now I'm having a little M Time that's Music Time.

Oh Here we Go!

Sine - Just Let Me Do My Thing

Dusty Say's

"A great little groover from the most obscure corners of the Chicago soul scene of the 70s -- cut by a south side combo who mostly worked at weddings and private parties! "Midnight Rhythm" was actually the original name of the group, given the popularity on the local circuit of this sweet little track -- a romping bit of ensemble funk with a catchy chorus -- all served up with sweet keyboards and plenty of riffing guitar! The Part Sixx rework is great -- and starts out with a groove that's just like the original -- but then really stretches out in long waves of bassy rhythms, keyboards, and percussion!" (review by Dusty Groove)

I couldn't have said it better so I didn't... go to Dusty Groove And buy this now

Right Direction - Midnight Rhythm


That's what you need, soul power.... sing it in a James Brown styleee,
only one problem this ones not james Brown... eh!

I'm losing it.... I think,




Friday On My Mind

Hope you lot are in good spirits for the weekend, cause there's another installment of Funk Inc at Will & Tobys, you already knew didn't you...

Here's a track that's going to raise it's head over the coming festive season for a couple of reasons, firstly it's a bloody good track, secondly it's just been given the Mr Day treatment, by way of a completely new remake.
I'm giving you the original today cause I haven't quite got my greasy little hands on the new version, don't worry soon as I do you will get treated here at SS blog for sure.
Don't know to much about the original version other than it was released on the Ovide Label as a B side. It's on a couple of Compilations though, check out Earthtones - Bobbito on BBE

Sebastian Williams - Get Your Point Over

Nov 24, 2007

Blue Moon

Saturday afternoon in Sydney, can't watch TV as we are being bombarded with the bloody election, not that I'm a lover of the tube anyway. Here's a little thing i picked up a few days ago while trawling the tintanet. I'm fond of the odd edit now and then so here's one that you'll find on the Moton Label - edits #23, it's worth a listen,

Listen To; Blue Operator (Re-Adjustments By Diesel and Jarvis)

Nov 21, 2007

Get wid it ya all and dance to the drummers beat. Funkinc is doin the do again December 1st at Will & Toby's. SoulShaker djs will be joined by Mark Walton & Ian Spicer for a night of dance floor soul, funk nuggets and original disco classics. What more do I need say, this is the real deal and ya know ya want it....

Nov 16, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

OK peeps, here's one to get the weekend feeling started a little early, any one who's known me for a while knows I'm a Keni fan from way way back, this is one of his finest pieces of work, no, not his finest, I'll post up a re-edit of that track next week, maybe.

Keni Burke - Let Somebody Love You

Grip My Hips And Move Me

Had a quick chat on the skype this morning with my good mate Dean, He recently purchased this track at one of those crappy New York 2nd hand record stores, don't you hate those smelly rat invested places, I do, I wouldn't be seen dead in one of those shit holes, (that's the nasty, green with envy side of me coming out, sorry) anyway, after a quick search of the hard drive, here it is in it's full original glory.

Cracking Disco belter...

Mike & Brenda Sutton - Don't Let Go Of Me

Nov 13, 2007

quit for life

Been on my twice yearly trip away with the boys, let myself down once again... all for a good cause though, when my head finally clears I'll let you know what that good cause is.
Thought this track was rather apt, seeing as I was lured to the evils of the little gold box again, now suffering with a sore throat, idiot. Anyway, a cracker of a 45 that I picked up in Melbourne a couple of visits ago, bands called Smoke, tracks called Oh Love, easing me into the week nicely.

listen; Smoke - Oh Love

Nov 12, 2007

Ripping it up at W&T's

Belleruche gig was great and it was a real bummer if you didn’t get to see their quirky lil’ act. Like Portishead on a fresh prescription of uppers from the local GP. I must admit and blow my own trumpet that I played a cracker of a set and am now so eager for the next Funkinc party. I dug my heels in and played a furious funk 45 set, one of which I’ve given you a little sample of here. The Kay Gees theme to the TV show Party, “Hustle wit Every Muscle"
The Kay Gees, A funk outfit formed in Jersey City, NJ, Kay-Gee's had some valuable mentors in Kool & the Gang, specifically Ronald Bell, who was happy to serve as producer, arranger, and sometimes songwriter for his younger brother Kevin's band. I’ve never been sure what the name Kay Gees represented and always thought it were a acronym spin of Kool & The Gang, especially with the tight relationship. Non the less they played and recorded some blow funk tracks and I’m glad to have this and few other on original Gang records 45’s

Listen to: Hustle Wit Every Muscle

Nov 6, 2007

SoulShaker Djs Support BELLERUCHE

SoulShaker Dj’s are back at Will & Toby’s this Saturday playing Support to Belleruche from UK via Tru thoughts records: Like Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist stuck in a dusty second hand record store with wine and a sampler, Belleruche make turntable soul music.

Click on the flyer for all the info

Here's Some Cocaine from the Funkinc party.

Funkinc was a cracker! despite pissing down torrential rain and many diehard friends deserting us to go south of the boarder for a horse racing festival... we still filled the joint and had it jumping. We had a special surprize courtesy of Fat Freddy's Drop Dj Ho Pepa jumping on the decks to lay some wax as a little treat after their gig.
Here’s a Fresh new local cut from Mark Walton, he’s had kind permission from JJ Cale himself to do a dubbed out electro funk version of Cocaine. Have a listen here then go buy the album "Fretless" ya cheeky monkeys. I dropped it during my early warm up set on Saturday, it went down a treat, however you can hear Mark Walton Himself at the next Funkinc on Dec 1st!!!!! more info to flow on that subject....

List To: Cocaine

Nov 2, 2007

In Full Effect

In honor of all those days (halcyon days) spent listening to track after track on Sunday mornings, to all those people, to numerous to mention, I thank you for putting up with me and my shit, I think this qualifies as the track that got me off my arse and dancin'

A favorite....

listen to: Still There

Nov 1, 2007

Tribute from Rug

Here's one I've been playing most weekends. It comes from a veteran of the French house scene, Erik Rug however it features Dynamax of the Zulu Nation who helps to give it that authentic 80's hip hop Jam vibe. Add an infectious up tempo bassline, some cow bells, stabbing electro keys, chanting vocals, wah wahs, breakdowns and vocal references to New York in the day.... and shazzaam you have yourself a serious joint jumper! Oh yeah, almost forgot, Chris Duckenfield dropped it (unexpectedly) at Mad Racket's 9th birthday last weekend. If you're up for it, the Racketeers are having a well bowled day gig at the makka ville bowling club this Sunday. Makes for a nice recovery after the Funkinc this Saturday night.

Listen to: Rug-Tribute

Its been a bitch of a day and a few people need to work it out

Well you have guessed... oops no Ive already told you in the title of this entry what sort of a day I've had. Well that has all started to subside with a little refreshment from Breakwater. As the words of the second verse from the entry track off their 1978 self tittled album goes.... "there's conflict every day. Yeah, the people lie right in your face. They all have nothin' better to do. Dont tell them all about it, dont make more confusion. Just help make a solution, Love and happiness rules over all the bad within us...... we're gunna work it out...
Its a Breakwater gem you probably have but here it is again

Breakwater - Work it out

Oct 31, 2007

Feeling Good

Beauty is only skin deep....

Ugly Edits.

The Dogs Do Da's

Mandrill - Feeling Good

Peddlin' My Music

You have to listen closely to this Re-edit but some where in the background is a rather familiar track.

Say No More...


Oct 29, 2007

Monday, 5 days till Saturday

I've got a feeling this is going to be a re-edit week, I've been on the hunt again, found some blinders and feel like sharing some of my good fortune. I'm hopping that my good friends will do the same...

Pete & Dave, you're going to have to get your finger out this week.

Marvin - Sex

Oct 25, 2007

Lost & Found

Here's a track originally dug up a couple years ago, it still hasn't quite reached the ears of the Modern Soul scene, (hopefully this post helps it reach a few more lug-holes) all the credit goes to Dave Mac from Soul Central in Melbourne for doing the digging.

First recorded by Millie Jackson.

Quality stuff from the land of the long white cloud, from way back in the 70's.

Mark Williams - House For Sale

Oct 22, 2007

I Hate Monday

Weekends over, work has begun.
I came in early to try a get a jump on the day, fat chance, got to the office, and hit the Monday-ituse wall.
Flicked through the itunes library to try and cheer myself up and came across this little piece of heaven.

Feeling shit? start your day with Marvin, works for me.

Tuesday tomorrow.

Marvin Gaye - I'm Gonna Give You Respect

Oct 19, 2007

It's A Favourite Round Here

For my money I reckon this is the best mash up, bootleg, re-edit call it what you will, that I've heard in ages, and I mean ages.

I played this at a gig a couple of weeks ago, and it went down a storm.

You be the judge, comments are welcome.

Barna Soundmachine - Gonna Get You

Friday Feeling

Here's one to get you in the mood for the weekend, lovely little track which came out on about 5 different labels in 1982, why I don't, maybe the management where try to get a better deal.

I like this label the best, nice clouds, bit of a hangover from the 70s.

Have yourself a cracking weekend.

Maxine Singleton - Don't You Love It

Oct 17, 2007

Nice Slice of Dance floor Soul Robin

Im coming straight back at ya with another slice of dance floor soul heaven. Carol Williams "No one can do it" (like you) I hope to be dropping this as a nice floor warmer or lay it out in the last hour at the coming Funkinc gig. I would have loved to have been shuffling across a NY dance floor when this was first rleased, but alas I was only 13 when this was released in 1982 and a freakin long way from any NY disco dance floor.

No One Can Do It (Like You) - Carol Williams

Oct 16, 2007

One Of My Floor Fillers At The Moment

This is a taste of what to expect at the Funkinc gig at Will & Tobys

Pure Class....

Wahoo - Don't Take It Personal

We're Gonna Have A Party

Hey it's that time again, party time.....

Come along and join in the fun with Pete, Annie, Simon & Me (Robin) at Will & Tobys on 3rd November.

Lots of top quality soulful funky disco stuff on offer, if the last gig down there is anything to go by we should be full up nice and early, so don't be late.... cause it ain't that big.

Oct 15, 2007

I Love Monday

Back from a cracking little weekend away with the family up in the wine country.
Monday ain't so baaad after a long weekend away, anyway, here's a bit of soulful 70s stuff to kick of your week.

Soul at it's best.

Touch Of Class - I Love You Pretty Baby

Oct 12, 2007

I've stumbled through my first post.....

`Well faark me, after an arduous training session with Robin it looks like I may have successfully posted my first track. It will be even more fun when the possibility of an audience greater than Robin, David and myself are logged onto the blog. For my first post, I couldn’t go past the seductive references by Betty Wright as to her begging to be my soul shaker on her steamy little Let Me Be Your Love Maker cut.

I think I’m gunna dig our blog, I hope you do to!

Betty Wright - Let Me Be Your Love Maker

Blooming Flowers

Off up the coast for a few days with the wife and kids, so won't get another chance to post until Monday.
Here's a little edit that will raise a few eyebrows, found this while on the hunt for 80s edits.

Pretty good version however I still think the original is the superior version.

Flowers - For Real

Oct 11, 2007

Greetings from the Soul Selection family

Soul music for the 21st century, nice work lads will post some new music for you all very soon!

One More For Good luck

After much confusion on the phone with Pete trying to remember all the passwords I'm back with one more post for today, for all the regular soulshakers they'll know this one and more than likely have stored somewhere for safe keeping, I just wanted to post something of substance before Pete comes back with a another WOOHOOOO, and a Perry Como track.......

Only joking mate, I'm sure whatever you decide as your first post it will be good... (pressures on now)

Nite Flyte - If You Want It



Kicking Off In Style

Well here goes.... here's a little track that's a bit of a favorite round here, not the easiest of tracks to find, there was another version of the track on Norman Jays Good Times by Damaris Carbaugh, we like this one cause it sounds just a touch more soulful.

Johnny Taylor - What About My Love

Hello World

Welcome to the SoulShaker DJs Blog, we're a bit new at this so bear with while we make a truck load of mistakes getting started.

View our profile if you want to know more about us, we'll be posting up some fine tunes for your listening pleasure, we would love to hear from like-minded music lovers (or anyody really).
We've nicked a few ideas from other blogs to get us moving, hopefully this doesn't offend all the other bloggers, apologies in-advanced.

Hope you like what we do.

Post 1 all done....