Nov 6, 2007

Here's Some Cocaine from the Funkinc party.

Funkinc was a cracker! despite pissing down torrential rain and many diehard friends deserting us to go south of the boarder for a horse racing festival... we still filled the joint and had it jumping. We had a special surprize courtesy of Fat Freddy's Drop Dj Ho Pepa jumping on the decks to lay some wax as a little treat after their gig.
Here’s a Fresh new local cut from Mark Walton, he’s had kind permission from JJ Cale himself to do a dubbed out electro funk version of Cocaine. Have a listen here then go buy the album "Fretless" ya cheeky monkeys. I dropped it during my early warm up set on Saturday, it went down a treat, however you can hear Mark Walton Himself at the next Funkinc on Dec 1st!!!!! more info to flow on that subject....

List To: Cocaine

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