Nov 30, 2007

Dusty Say's

"A great little groover from the most obscure corners of the Chicago soul scene of the 70s -- cut by a south side combo who mostly worked at weddings and private parties! "Midnight Rhythm" was actually the original name of the group, given the popularity on the local circuit of this sweet little track -- a romping bit of ensemble funk with a catchy chorus -- all served up with sweet keyboards and plenty of riffing guitar! The Part Sixx rework is great -- and starts out with a groove that's just like the original -- but then really stretches out in long waves of bassy rhythms, keyboards, and percussion!" (review by Dusty Groove)

I couldn't have said it better so I didn't... go to Dusty Groove And buy this now

Right Direction - Midnight Rhythm

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Thank much soulshaker enjoy