Dec 24, 2008

Christmassive mix from harbour funk cruise

A merry ol Yuletide to ye all. I prey the spirits run freely from your chalice tonight and all the next day. In lieu of a special Christmassive mix, here's a bonus 3 hour raw mix taken straight from the decks at the Harbour Funk boat party.

It starts abruptly (no time for edits, I promise to polish it in the new year) and features Santa's lil selectors, Lanu from the Bamboos/Cookin on 3 burners, Frenzie, Mr Glass & Robin Knight.
It was a kickin day on the harbour, the sun was shinning and the soul was burning. The mix gets a little quiet two thirds through as we pulled the SoulShaker floor volume down on the mixer to compensate for everyone running to the lower deck when Cookin on 3 Burners fired up. Fair enough I say, who can compete with a bunch of 45's compared to this tight unit banging the authentic sound out live. Nice work guys, nice work. The after party down the Civic saw Kylie Auldist join the 3 burners on the mic. It's a shame so many people missed this gig. Nice work John for putting it together and brings Kylie & the Burners to town. I'll be sure to get them back in the new year for some more shows.

Big ups go out to Toon from the Soul Pole dancing academy. Photos coming soon my man.

Down load, plug in and get off on three hours of soul, jazz, funk, hip hop, boogie & disco. This one is for the car on that summer road trip to Byron Bay. Click link below to get it.

After blowing our limit out, I have reposted the mix on DivShare!

Dec 12, 2008


In other words... Funked Up Beyond All Recognition. In anticipation of a rocking good afternoon aboard the good ship Funk-able I thought I'd put a little something together to put us all in the mood. As usual I didn't do a playlist yet... if wanna know the tunes give me a shout through the comment section below.


Click on this link to listen or download; Funked Up Edit 1