Dec 9, 2007

Regal @ The Next Funkinc

Here's a little sample from Regal's recent album, Loop Dreams. After a long hiatus, while remixing some local Aussie acts & finding his new sound, REGAL has finally returned to the melting pot, with his debut solo album. Loop Dreams is a little gem from the one-time original founding member of both THE WISEGUYS (Wall Of Sound) & BRONX DOGS (Heavenly/Marble Bar) two of the UK's most revered underground acts of the 90's. This Album is a nice blend of Downbeat, Hip hop & Breaks with heavy soul & Funk influences.
The track I have chosen to give you a taste of is The Mack; a down right funky breaks track with sweet arse vox samples, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we all been waiting for.....
You can do three things from here. 1) Come see Regal playing Original Funk & Soul @ the next Funkinc Sat 22nd Dec. 2) Go to Basment Digs to buy & download his entire Album. 3) go to Regals Myspace to sample somemo' of his tasty treats.

Regal - The Mack

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