Aug 18, 2009

Tom Thump - San Francisco: I Gotta.... live mix

AFROBEAT-BATACUDA-SPACEFUNK n MORE: Recorded live club gig on 9th July 09. Imagine rocking into a Sydney club and hearing an eclectic mix like this.... With a little luck and perspiration from Tom, he may make it over here during summer for some club gigs. Keep your eyes on the blog for up dates.
Check the blend of styles, that's what a San Fran dance floor is about. Taking you on an all stops funky cable car ride, from Afrobeat, batacuda and nu jazz breaks through to funk, disco dub & boogie. Not every genre may please your ears, but trust me, ride this baby out cos there's some gold to be heard!

And it went ah somethin' like this....

1-Orchestre Jazira "Love"
2-Buari "Advice From Father"
3-Community Service 3 "I Gotta" (Sonny Okosun?)
4-Liquid Liquid "Optimo" (Optimo Mix)
5-Pimps of Joytime "Street Sound" (Nickodemus Remix)
6-Kokoloko Afrobeat Orchestra "Mister Sinister" (Faze Action Dub)
7-Fela ransome Kuti "United states of africa" (Me and You Rework)"Askum"
8-Ethiopian Quartet (Diesler Rework)
9-Mr. Scruff "Donkey Ride"
10-Gerardo Frisina "Batucadas 2"
11-MDA with Lillian Viera "Batucada Tropical" (Graham Massey Mix)
12-Par-Tay Edits 1 "Berro E Sabaro"
13-Walter J. Negro and the Loose Jointz "Shoot the Pump"
14-Donald Byrd "Love has Come Around" (DJ Reedit)
15-Diana Brown and Bariie K. Sharpe "Love or Nothing" (Piano Mix)
16-Beverly Road Allstars "I'm Still in Love with You"
17-Butch Cassidy Sound System "Bear in the Den"

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