Jun 2, 2009

Twenty Four Hour Lover

Ooh baby.... The Twenty four hour lover is keeping with my recent mix formats. All cuts are taken from 7" originals with the pace picking up with disco funk & boogie gems. No pilfered, stolen or acquired digital downloads here bro, and no cd or compilation prostitution. Its just two turntables and a one take mix of 45s, so its a little rusty in places cos' I had a few wines & cant be fucked starting again. None the less all the booty shakers are of the same vibe and a nice indication of the sound we're gunna to lay out for you this Sunday.

Dont freak out, I aint no purist chin stroker, any format is cool in my school. Its all about the music not the format. Buy, play, download it any way you can. I have thousands of digital files I'll manipulate into mixes and release on your ass someday soon.

Intro: 24 hour lover
1. Bloodstone - Nite time fun
2. Eugene Record - Fan the fire
3. Fatback - Take it any way you want it
4. Super Wolf - Anybody can do it
5. Slave - Just a touch
6. Cheri - Murphy's Law
Interlude: Naughty Stewardesses
7. Asphalt Jungle - Freakin Time pt 1
8. Avenue B Boogie Band - Bumper to Bumper
9. Denise La Salle - Move your body
10. Gloria Gaynor - Anybody want to party
11. Bombers - Lets Dance
12. LTD - Dance "n" Sing "n"
13. Joe Thomas - Make your move

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funkvideo said...

great site - great tunes.......keep on doin' whatcha doin'.......