Nov 23, 2008


Harbour Funk! Its a day of water bound funk festivities on board the Lady Rose. Here's the deal, and its a f#%king steal, for $55 bucks you get a day out on the harbour with none other than the SoulShakers Robin Knight, Mr Glass & Frenzie dropping a tug boat load of funk nuggets on you all day long. We'll be setting sail on our soulful voyage in search of paradise lost at 12:30pm from King st wharf and returning at 5pm. At

which time, we reclaim the land and storm the Civic for the continuation of our journey.

Shit, I should also mention that Cookin on 3 Burners are doing a live gig on the boat, big bad pirate Russ Dewbury will conjure up a storm of his own and the little Latino flavoured maestro from the Bamboos, Lanu will also be creating waves on the high seas. Add to the cabin crew, Huwston & the capt'n of this funk junk JC. Now that's an unsinkable tonnage!

Check out the MoFo Money Mix 2 for a sample of the of what I may stow away for the cruise.
Here's 16 straight up funk 45 nuggets I put together this arvo. All but one are original 7's, unfortunately the Nathan Bartell is on reissue as there is only 3 known copies in the world (apparently) Some are well known, others are rare as hens teeth, some are a little scratchy and others in mint. However, they are all fuckin crackers. I hope you enjoy the mix and please leave me comments below both good and bad are welcome. Btw, I have finally started using zShare. It's dead easy to download all the new posts!

Track list:
1. The Daley Diggers - I can dig it
2. Starborn - Real real thing
3. Calvin Arnold - Funk way
4. Otis Redding - Hard to handle
5. Ground Hog - Bumpin
6. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Funky music
7. Nathan Bartell - Top goin' down, goin' up
8. Free Fare - Birth of a soldier
9. Earth Wind & Fire - C'mon children
10. Eddie Harris - Funkaroma
11. Rick James The Stone City Band - Get up and dance (instrumental)
12. Ellison Chase - Let's Rock
13. The Philadelphia Story - People users
14. Avalanche 77 - Mister boogie man
15. Charles Mann- Shonuff no funny stuff love (instrumental)
16. Wardell Piper - Captain boogie

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