Jul 14, 2009


Old buddy Bert & and his colourful gay crew of misfit weirdo mates (all with hands firmly wedged up their jaxies) crashed my place wanting a disco party last night. I was down with that and obliged old buddy Bert by helping him bang out some serious disco blockbuster action. It was short and sweet but enough to move your feet.

Here's what Bert dug out of my disco 12's & albums.

Intro: The National Association Of "W" Lovers
1. Blackwell - Boogie Down & Mess Around
2. Constellation Love Affair - Funk Encounter
3. Eastbound Express - Cloudburst
4. Ruby Lipps - (In The) Summertime.
5. Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra - Love Has Come Around.
6. Symba - Body Bait.
7. Davis Import - D.J.Devilish.

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