Feb 3, 2009

Merenia Gillies

Merenia Gillies & full band supported by Eon Beats perform for the Catalyst Recordings label showcase at:

The Vanguard - Newtown,
Wednesday Feb 11th.
If you are new to Merenia Gillies, she is the multitalented, beat throwing musician, who sings in 5 languages and takes great joy in mischievously bending the rules when it comes to her music. Merenia will seduce you with the sounds of her own distinctive fusion of Dance, Soul/Funk, Electro, Latin and House.

Born in Rotorua New Zealand with a mixed heritage of Maori, Romany Gypsy and Welsh, she embraces and indulges in an eclectic array of musical influences and once on stage becomes a powerhouse performer with the most instinctive vocal talents of her generation.

Merenia Gillies is constantly in demand to collaborate on both studio and live performances. For a sample of her music, click the link below to listen & download KILLA

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