Jan 18, 2008

Are You Lonely

Here's a fav track of mine however someone out there may shed a little more light on the artist for me tho. All I know is that it was released in 1983 on Street level records along with the rest of the production credit notes from the 12". It is relatively easy to find on a couple of compilations from the past few years and Yam Who did a re edit in 2004. Dj U-Tern from Canada and Beat street records used the opening break for his monumental mixed cd Body Work. I have it on my list of tracks to re edit or sample for that production work I may never actually get around to doing one day...
The Original B side is a wicked instrumental, if ya want a copy there is one on ebay at the moment with a starting bid of $100 USD
BTW 4 days later, it sold for $402 USD

Hipnotic - Are You Lonely

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Doctor Okeh said...

funky ass jernt! manythx!