Jan 18, 2008

DJ Frenzie's Tribute to Mel Cheren

“This was a really hard mix to put together. The reason being that Mel Cheren's back cataloge is just so huge, and I really wanted to cover the various styles represented by the 3 labels that he worked with.

Mel Cheren was known as the godfather of disco, and with good cause. Details of his involvement with the Paradise Garage, his pioneering DJ record pool, his ground breaking DJ Promo 12inches, and his various charity work for Aids victims can be found else where on the internet.
With this mix I tried to cover his time at Wand, Scepter, and of course Westend (whose tunes take up the majority of this mix).
There was still so much ground left to cover, such as the early hip hop work that Spyder D and DJ Divine produced, which to this day I still can't find - although I do give B Beat Classic a spin. (Any sellers get in touch!)
Mel continued releasing records through West End right up to present day, and there is a whole catalog of recent music that didn't make it into this mix, apart from the beautiful Leela James tune, which I hope may give a sense of what the label is producing in recent times.
I also made a conscious decision to include one side of the classic mastermix medley produced by Tony Humphries in 1982 - Simply because it is just so awesome, and really flies through some of the classics from West End that I didn't have time to play in their entirety.
So here it is - My take on one of the legends of dance music.
RIP Mel..”


Listen to: Frenzie's Tribute Mix to Mel Cheren

General Crook - Fever In The Funkhouse (Wand) 1974
Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (West End) 1981
Sweet G - A Heartbeat Rap (West End) 1981
BT Express - If It Don't Turn You On (Scepter) 1974
Sweet Music - I Get Lifted (Wand) 1976
Mahogany - Ride On The Rhythm [Dub] (West End) 1982
Barbara Mason - Another Man (West End) 1983
Brenda Taylor - You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (West End) 1982
Sesso Matto - Sessomatto [Jim Stuard Disco Mix] (West End) 1976
B+ - B Beat Classic (West End) 1983
Karen Young - Hot Shot (West End) 1978
Leela James - Good Time [Jihad Muhammad & Blaze Vocal] (West End) 2006
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (West End) 1983
Forrrce - keep on dancin (West End) 1982
Tony Humphries - Master Mix Medley (West End) 1982
Bombers - Everybody Get Dancin (West End) 1978
LTG Exchange - Corazon (Scepter) 1974
Don Downing - Dream World (Scepter) 1974

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Robin Knight said...

if this doesn't wet the appetite for funk inc, then i don't know what will, nice work frenzie, quality stuff.