Jan 25, 2010

SS DJs Support Breakestra @ Becks bar

If ya a regular to this blog, you know your funk and you'd know Breakestra, so I guess Breakestra dont need no introduction. The gig dont need no selling either as its already sold out. The good news is that SoulShaker djs are the local support. Gimme a woop woop! We are playing before, in the middle & at the end of Breakestra.

To get ya in the mood Iv just laid a furious funk 45 mix. They're all original 45's cut in the same vein & style of what you'll expect to hear from Breakestra. Hell, I may even drop a few of these at the gig.

I start the set off with a sweet soul number that fellow Stones Throw recording artist Mayer Hawthorne recently covered. For a white boy, he did a sterling job at covering this 1969 gem. I hope you dig it.

Track listing
1. New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No.
2. Ruby & The Party Gang - Hey Ruby (Shut your mouth).
3. The Electric Express - It's The Real Thing. pt 1.
4. Benny Sharp & the Sharpies - Music (I Like it) pt 2.
5. Hot Line - How Funky Do You Do. pt 1.
6. Kal feat Mr Tee - The Boogies Here.
7. Jonathan - No Place Like Home.
8. Chase - Get it on.
9. Ballin' Jack - Super Highway.
10. Arthur Conley - Funky Street.
11. Hank Ballard - Come On Wit' It.
12. Poison - Let Me Lay My Funk On You.
13. C and The Shells - Funky Tamborine. pt 2.
14. Monica - Freedom