Oct 6, 2008

Here's a couple from the streets of San Francisco

Tom Thump has sent me a couple of edits & mashes....

Trampolines R Tangerine "Lazy on the Metro"

TRT is myself (Tom Thump) and Thomas Fokas (DJ Stink). I tend to hate most mash ups because they so often one bad song combined with another that's worse! Love Metro Area (Muira) and love (admittedly, in a corny way) Doug Lazy (Let the Rhythm Pump). They came together pretty perfectly.

Ty w/ Tony Allen "The Willing" (Tom Thump Re Edit)

Great track with incredible Tony Allen (of Fela fame) on percussion. Loved the original especially the horns. So, I doubled up on those and got rid of the annoying blathering intro on the original.

Playgroup w/ KC Flightt "Front2Back" (Tom Thump Extended Edit)

When is Trevor Jackson gonna do another Playgroup record! Let's all go bang on his door and demand one. What an amazing album it was. Took the Mantronix bit and put it and the start and made a few more cheeky changes.

Corrina Joseph with Michael Watford "Baby, I'm Scared of You"

This track features Basement Jaxx vocalist Corrina Joseph and house music crooner Michael Watford parlaying a solid version of Womack & Womack's 80's killer "Baby, I'm Scared of You". Tried to licensee this for the MIDNIGHT SOUL series on Kinkysweet Records. But, could not find the label, or release anywhere online. So hear it is!

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