Sep 13, 2008


Here's a nice slice of everything nice from long time dj buddy TOM THUMP. For those not familiar with Tom, he is a stalwart of the San Francisco scene, with a strong background in black music covering over 20 years of collecting and playing everything form Jazz, reggae, dub, soul, funk through to Nu jazz, hip hop, disco, electronica & house... there aint too much this guy aint done and done well! No doubt many of these were acrued during his 7 year stint at the legendary GROOVE MERCHANT record store. If you have spent anytime in SF, you'll know why. It is the town where you can eat, sleep, live, see, play and hear quality music every night of the week. Tom has made the journey across the Pacific a few time since the mid 90's to play with me and I've made it SF. Keep your eyes & ears peeled as he may be over later this year.

Tom has produced and compiled countless cd releases for companies such as kinky Sweet records, Cosmic Flux (and others) & can be found playing with all the SF fav djs such as J Boogie and the like on any given night or across the states playing with the likes of the Turntables on the Hudson posse. THE ENTHUSIASTS hour is a regular pod cast that is featured on the Giant Step site. Tom has now made it easily accessible to you all on our blog.

1-Fred Fisher Atolobor "W.T.F.S."

2-Dublex Inc. "Captured Live"

3-Sunburst Band "Fashion" (David Bowie)

4-Bill Summers and Summer's Heat "Let's Go Straight to the Bank" (12" mix)

5-Lalomie Washburn "Man Power"

6-Control Yourself Cousin (Self Control Mix)

7-Glimmer of Dope Side 1

8-The Who "Eminence Front" (Re Edit)

9-Jenny DeVivo "Season of the Witch" (Donovan)

10-Free Blood "If I Never Hear Surf Music Again

11-Hall & Oates "I Can't Go for That" (Pointless Allstars No Can Do Dub)

12-Shara Nelson "Uptight" (Perfecto Mix)

13-Carleen Anderson "True Spirit" (Dominoes Mix)

14-Mica Paris "Two In a Million" (Driza Bone Mix)

15-Jose James "Park Bench People" (Freestyle fellowship)

16-D'Angelo "Use Me" (Bill Withers)

17-Natalie Cole "Tell You All About It" (Smoove Edit) (Michael Franks)

18-Italo Boyz vs John Coltrane "Bahia"

19-DJ Bang "St. James" (Derek Carter Mix)

20-Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl" (Sound Advice Bmore Mix)

21-Palov & Mishkin "Bird"

22-Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" (Greg Wilson Rework)

23-Munk "Live Fast, Die Old!"

24-Wight Light Orchestra "Chaos & Consiousness"

25-OOPS AGAIN- "Black Magic"........

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